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Hello everyone. First time on the site and first post. Below was actually a letter to Glenn, but I decided to post it here instead.

Dear Glenn,

You worry too much. President Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in my 40 year lifetime. Collectivism is a sneaky beast that usually moves at such a pace as to leave its prey wondering "what happened, I am no longer a free man". President Obama is the wakeup call that a free society rarely sees in the fight against collectivism in any form - socialism, totalitarianism, fascism, or communism.

Not being from this country and living a very narrow life centered in the political wasteland Chicago, President Obama has underestimated the individualism and the love of freedom embedded deep within every American. Americans, by nature, will turn their cheek when pushed by another. President Obama and his political cronies preach to America that… you are a racist nation, you are a nation of hate, you are not a Christian nation, capitalism and the free-market system is inherently evil, and most recently, you are a fat, slothful and unhealthy nation. The average American accepts this criticism with a shrug of the shoulder and a knowing smile of "hey this is America; you have a right to your opinion".

Unknown to President Obama is that every push, every shove, every unfounded criticism compresses the mainspring of freedom residing deep in the psyche of every American. The eruption of this vast storage of emotional energy will be a swift and uncompromising flood of aggression in the form of Americans defending the life, liberty and freedom that is inherent to every human being.

Glenn you (and every American) have a responsibility as a public figure and a spokesperson for the human condition to slowly release this pressure and to help focus its energy into a peaceful, yet effective movement to restore the basics of freedom, liberty and constitutional governance to the American people.

Glenn, keep up the good fight. You are not alone.

United States, California

PS: Please tell Hannity that the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy. The United States is a constitutional Republic whose representatives are selected by Democratic means. The United States is governed by the "rule of law", not the mob.