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Wow! What a wonderful post. You are setting a good example. I would say that I need to be quiet and listen more, not only to God but to people. I used to be a great listener and I am not exactly sure why that changed, but I'd like to get it back.

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What if I had chosen to be a Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist and acupuncturist? I could be helping people heal themselves.

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The rules are probably under the terms link at the bottom of the page. The title is Terms of Service. I think I actually read them when I signed up but I can't remember. I think it might be good for Twitter to Tweet the rules from time to time so we don't forget. I agree with the courtesy and common sense listed above.

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I love the cool crisp air, it makes me feel energetic and alive! I love the crunch of leaves under my feet and the beautiful colors of the trees. The way the sun shines through the trees when hiking in the woods. I wish the leaves would keep their color for about 3 months before they fall.

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No blog for me I haven't really gotten into that part of the Internet. I like to read them though. I should probably downsize so that I might have time to blog.

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Where's the nuts? They must be buried in here somewhere.

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I was thinking of Jesus in the temple and I believe that was holy anger. I think that good can come from holy anger and if just one person was saved from this preacher's words then more power to him. However, if he becomes a stumbling block to others then I think he should re-think his delivery. As a Christian we need to win as many souls as possible, time is short.

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I didn't care for the delivery, however, what he is saying is true. From experience I know that some people don't listen or can't hear unless they are being yelled at but the rest of us may be offended or disturbed by it. I most likely would not return for this type of preaching. I like a preacher who is convicting but motivates you to become a better person by following Jesus' teaching. I don't remember reading anywhere in the bible where Jesus yelled at anyone like this. Have people changed so much that preachers have to yell at you? Have our hearts harden that much?

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I usually run around finding candles, then by the time they are all lit the lights come on or if it's late enough just go to bed. Really dull response. LOL

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What really stood out to me was when you said that you make a goal and then you choose other things instead of following the path that you know that you should be on. I immediately thought that's me, I do that all the time. So how do I figure out how to stay on the path and reach my goal? How do I stop from taking the wrong path once I realize the path wrong? Why is the wrong path so alluring and seems so exciting that I choose that over everything else? Hopefully this book will answer those questions and help me choose to make the right decisions instead of the wrongs ones next time.