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Year, conservative do have a very Boolean mindset. True or False

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I think this about says about all you need to know about Chris Stewart:
"From time to time, we get a certified nutcase," one former Utah Republican politician told me. "And Chris Stewart truly is a certified nutcase."

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So I guess that the Ryan Plan plays into this monstrous mantra to destroy what's left of our social safety net, then distribute the "savings" to the top 1%, Then the poors can only afford bootstraps, with absolutely no future, no food stamps, no job, no education, no home, no insurance and good ole Pat Robinson pimping Jeebus for that last $20.00. Why don't we just quit this charade game of pretending to be a democracy and install the Koch Brothers as CEO, and vice CEO of Murka.

Can you buy guns with food stamps?

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Hoveround gets me where I want to go! It really is a shame that Sarah Palin wasn't assistant manager at Walmart, however I doubt she would qualify for that position.

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Elephants should protest, and DEMAND that republicans stop using their image as a party moniker, as it does not represent their interests.

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Why stop with silencers? I don't understand why I can't have a 155 MM howitzer to hunt ducks with, I'd also like one of those 5 barrel mini-guns that spews out about 4000 rounds a minute to keep the kids off my lawn.

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Why does the invisible hand always need the poors money? Can't Gawd just cause billions of bibles to rain down from heaven? I probably would send $20.00 if Pat would just STFU, die, and go directly to hell.

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I'm always disappointed to see the "Walrus Underwater" ranting about Micheal J. Fox. But the Canadian Anchor Baby takes the cake when it comes to mindless skulduggery and shenanigans. Obviously, Zippy the pinhead sees a resolution for MS as a back door attempt to sneak in a Trojan horse gay marriage bill.

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How do guys with a binary IQ (1 or 0) get into public office? Nevermind, it's IDAHO (I-DA-HO) fo money.

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Spooged CPAC?