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Wow, I personally found "I'll Fly" to be one of, if not the worst, song of the show *shrug*

Positions 1 and 2 were well deserved though.

As for 'saucy', as long as they are behind the censor filter link things, I don't really care :P

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From mild excitement at first glance of title to full-on 'meh' from image and animation. Not interested.

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I just like it when someone else gets up to Twilights level of power. I disilike Twilight for the most part :P

Putting any over-thinking aside and just going along with it, I found the episode enjoyable. (you should never think too hard on time travel)

For the most part, it was an enjoyable ride. The ending, as happens far too often in the show, was somewhat rushed. I like how it sets up the possibility for Starlight as another regular character (I like her VA!)

As for Starlights back-story, sure, I've got no major problem with it.

The song was terrible though imo. Like, dropped my enjoyment of the episode kind of levels. Shame :(

Over all, I preferred this to the season 3 and 4 finale, though there wasn't any real exciting climax here. I just didn't care for those others much. Canterlot Wedding still rocks it.

It has left me rather excited as to what they are going to do for the next season, more so than they have done previous seasons. They could just say Starlight has been given a teaching job in the school of magic and be done with it and carry on with their lives though, which would suck.

Change it up a bit! Making Twilight a Princess hardly changed anything and that's probably hurt it more than helped it! Giving them a castle has also hardly done anything. Bringing in more characters would be nice if only so we don't have to have the same ponies repeating themselves with lessons they've learnt. As long as older characters aren't pushed out to make room, such as the princesses. Celestia has all but vanished throughout the seasons and Luna relegated to Dream episodes only. Cadence is the only 1 that shows up in different situations!

let's just hope the wait for next season isn't a year long. My interest in the show dwindled somewhat during the previous wait. The show keeps me interested, not the fandom.

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Cool stuff, though at a glance that totally looks like "I helped back cancer!" to me ><

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I'd be totally fine if it followed different characters if it means that we don't get different voice actors for the ones we all ready know and love.

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I'm probably the opposite of most people. I only care about the fandom, for the most part, when the show is actually airing. All the long hiatus periods just make me lose interest. The break before this season drained pretty much any interest in the fandom by the end. Stopped listening to the music and gave up on reading all the fics I wanted to.

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Minuette, energetic and cute ^^ No interest in Twi #2

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Rainbow Dash had 21 (I believe?) candles on her birthday cake and they all have steady jobs. 20-22 is most likely.

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I was a bit "meh" when it happened. Of the things I was expecting/worried about, Twilight becoming boring wasn't one of them. Unfortunately, that's what has happened in my eyes. You mention that there is still some some of that old quirky pony tucked in there. I don't want it tucked in there. I want it out on display, not 5 seconds of 'adorkable' every 5-6 episodes -.-

Of course, that's all just my opinion.

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Awesome way to leech off someone else's work.

I suck at noticing much difference between the original and this tbh.