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Starlight's power in this episode really contradicts the whole "friendship is magic" thing. Seriously though, I totally agree that she was made too powerful here. This is only justified in the Cloudsdale fight, in which she had the advantage that the mere fact of there being a battle would have drawn spectators and achieved her goal, which would distract Twilight.

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Every key plays the same note.

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Well, if Ponyville is any indication... let's just say I don't want to rebuild my house every other week. Also, there's no Internet in Equestria, which means it's not nearly as fun as it sounds.

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The pony stuff is pretty minor, despite the fact that it's in the title. It's just a mention, the skit is really about teenagers and their parents being honest or deceptive with each other.

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You don't like mmm... bananas? Well, that's good. After all, there aren't any bananas... ON THE MOOOOOOON!

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It's not so much Hasbro being stupid, but intellectual property laws being stupid. There's a big legal kerfuffle about who owns what and what requires royalties and legally there isn't really a line between fan creations (which, in a "do whatever" world, would I am sure be encouraged) and knockoff merchandise (which is bad in any world).

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Yes. Ignore it. Here are the possible reactions to a real list being leaked:

- Say "it's fake". When the official list is announced, now it's public that you're a liar.
- Say "it's real". You've now botched the big announcement, potentially costing your business money due to an untimely reveal.
- Say nothing. You lose no face, and people just speculate, wondering if it was real or fake.

1 and 2 are unacceptable. So you make no comment. That's not what happened here, so unless he's an idiot the list is fake after all.

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I would've liked to see a return of Flutterbat, and I agree that that was probably the original intention, but they likely found it awkward to work in the necessary exposition to justify it.

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That's not the mystery, the real mysteries are:

1. How did she hang by the tail from that tree?
2. On the ground, it's clear that she's wearing a costume: the ears and wings are a more saturated yellow than the rest of her and you can clearly see the outlines, and a string holding the ears on. However, in the air, there are no outlines, no string and the colours match perfectly: she isn't wearing a costume!