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RT @Shibuya246: Chiba Monorail | Japan | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/29Y It looks like an amusement park ride.
Did you feel queesy riding it?lol It does look like a ride at a park, I wouldn't mind trying it. Chiba is where you went for that party with the council member and met with the mascot Cheeba Kun,wasn't it?
I'm watching the American version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. wish the Japanese versions could be shown over here,but as you know only a certain amount of different things can be shown over here, you know censors and such. So is the differences between our 2 nations.
Have a great weekend.

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And here I thought I was going to go to bed;) lol Then I get a tweet from TweetDeck and here's this. This is a great way to promote your products The music is very addictive and i did reconize shibuya and Akiahabara in those photos. Will download the clock tomorrow when I'm more awake
Now i'm going to bed.
Good Night:S

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RT @Shibuya246: Kuroshio Sea | Japan | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/21G Just saw this video today, it was awesome. It made me feel calm and tranquil. To much stress around the house. If Okinawa has the second largest who has the first? Sea World perhaps? A perfect song to fit the video
Kiminobox has your photo of you and Danny Choo in regards to her article on Star Wars musical coming to Japan
Would love to go I'm a big Star Wars fanxD
It's late got to get to bed

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Thanks for the clarification. It is an interesting article. After listening to it again, I also wonder would Pearl Harbor have been bombed if the marriage proposal would have gone through. Never thought of it that way, interesting piece of history.
Btw, I now have TweetDeck:)

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RT @Shibuya246: Princess Kaiulani, Emperor Meiji | Japan | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/1yU wasn't this article ran once before? It sure looks familar. It's hard to tell the difference with the asian and Hawaiian culture,to me they sometimes look the same.

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RT @Shibuya246: Shibuya Tanabata | Japan | Shibuya246 http://bt.io/1xi The lanterns are really colorful.__The origami is really the cool thing on the lantern, must take them a long time to make and put togrther. And the photo of Shibuya crossing makes it feel like a slow down day, maybe just before rush hour. A great view though.

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I checked out oinktentacles site and those are some cool looking train designs. The one for the JR Yamanote withthe zipper on it makes you think of how they push everyone in at rush hour times. Wouldn't want to be caught in that zipper. A train that goe to Universal Studios w/spiderman cool. Also the one with Galaxy Express 999 one of my fave animes. Now we need a train with Rilakkuma on it , so the tired salaryman and ladies can relax with the original "Relax Bear". What do you think? Who do you have to talke to about doing this/ Can we start a petition for Rilakkuma?:D
More great photos as usual. You take some of the best photos around imo.

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A Pokeman Shinkansen when did that come online? When do we get to see the photos?

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If you find one let me know,okay?

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What an amazing bunch of photos. Especially the one taken by emrank. It looks like an errie yinyang effect with the clouds covering everything. Also that one on flickr all captured in red, spectacular. Did you get any photos? I'm sure you did right?