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FAR, FAR, AWAY ON ANOTHER PLANET- i.e. in rural Ireland in the 1950s, I can remember being taken to a creamery, and having my finger put into the vat of butter that was being churned and encouraged to taste it! I wonder if anyone died?
OK, seriously, that WAS indefensible- although it was delicious. But all this stuff has now gone far, far, too far. Even if Boris was wrong on the details he was making an important point.

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A general election in October is now the honourable course. Let the Tories and the Brexit Party fight for Leave, and let Labour, the Liberals and the rest of them, campaign for Remain. Then at least we'd get a result. The UK would either remain in the EU, or leave with no deal early in the new year. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Its either in Jeremy or out with Boris.

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Hasn't the game been changed by floating exchange rates? The performance of an open economy depends to a great extent on exchange rates, and since these are unpredictable so too are economic developments.

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There is a solid sense in your first paragraph.
As to Boris, I am not an ardent fan, but he is very bright, and may well turn out to be quicker learner than I think you suppose. But you may well be right. We'll see.

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That might work. But there are problems. Let's suppose the result was a very narrow win for Leave. Would the Remain lobby really come quietly? Or would we be back in the same circus?
The British system is a parliamentary one and the obvious place to sort this out is in Parliament; and if not by this H. of C. then another one. I agree though that none of the options look attractive.
Personally I do not think that our Jeremy is a serious to anything except the Labour Party.

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The only sensible way out of this mess now is a General Election.

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This is obviously proving to be a hot and difficult summer. Nevertheless I do wish that the tone of the comments on here from both sides was less embittered. Anger is never pretty. It makes thought more difficult, and it does nothing for the reputation for those who show it.

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OFF TOPIC- But I note that the BBC web site feels obliged to tell its astonished readers who won the battle of Waterloo!

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The facts may have changed in the intervening years. But still the vision of a property owning democracy, must be kept alive, and house ownership is a good way to do it.

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Well I never did hear....I was canvassing in Shanklin ( a seaside resort on the East coast of the Isle of Wight ) in October 1974, and I started talking about the right to buy to council tenants. The effect was quite extraordinary. I am certain that if Heath had emphasised the policy more he could have won that election. I am glad in a way he didn't, because his loss paved the way for Mrs Thatcher. But the right to buy is a policy that no Conservative should abandon lightly.