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A peerage for Professor Minford?

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Whatever the right solution turns out to be this is turning into a huge shambles which has the potential to do GREAT damage to the reputation of The United Kingdom. People will say that "If they cannot manage their own parliament...

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In its present form the N.H.S. is in deep crisis. But seeing the next steps is difficult. We need to distinguish between the insight that people should not be deprived of medical care because they cannot afford it ( as in America), and the notion that the state should actually itself provide the care that people need. I doubt that any Conservative government could ever really tackle the issue for political reasons. It may be a job for moderates within the Labour Party- but that's not going to happen soon. In the meantime the idea of some kind of funding referendum might be worth exploring further.

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Daniel Hannan has made valuable contributions in the past. But this piece is not up to his usual high standard.

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The model that should be adopted is that of the ISI in The United States. Oh, and trust the Grocer to get it so wrong!

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Should we REALLY adopt "corporate values?" I am for the Sermon on the Mount!

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How good it is to see someone mentioning the late Mel Bradford. I knew Bradford well. He was a fine scholar ( of William Faulkner ) and a serious spokesman for the Southern conservative tradition. I am sure he would have had doubts about Trump, partly because he came from New York! But even so, I think that he would, on balance, have supported him, firstly because of the Supreme Court, and secondly because of the failure of main stream Republicans and Democrats alike to control illegal immigration into The United States.

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Whatever the rights and wrongs of this issue, the Conservative Party should avoid both the reality and appearance of BOSSINESS!

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Mrs May's only hope was to have a good conference.

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Senior civil servants in London are hugely invested in the EU. Interestingly there is a snippet in the Irish archives from the early sixties to the effect that Macmillan had purged Whitehall of those who had doubts about his application to join the then EEC.