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Paul Tillich preached a fine sermon on psalm 139. Well worth looking out for in his book "The Shaking of the Foundations."

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That's a good point. I must confess that I have been seriously shocked by the behavior of the Remainers since the referendum. It contrasts very unfavorably with the dignified response of those who in Ireland voted against gay marriage but who lost. I know of one Remain voter who in any subsequent referendum would vote to leave partly on these grounds.

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What is now the Irish Republic did not leave The Union in one jump. It took several stages. Surely it is reasonable to think that the same is likely to be true in the case of Britain leaving the EU.

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I see little chance of reforming the EU from within.

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The obvious point here is that the Neo-Conservative belief that the Near East can be reconstructed along the lines suggested by the Enlightenment is a dangerous fantasy. We need a much less ambitious policy which works with the grain of Islam not against it. We need to insist though, that existence of Israel is for us non negotiable, although, of course, we should not feel obliged to defend everything that Israel does.

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The "illegitimate power grab by the executive" in question is grounded on the result of a referendum!

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Why not bring the hereditary peers back for A YEAR?

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Why not put the matter to rest with a border poll?

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One does not have to agree with everything that Professor Minford says to recognize that his is a clear, educated, and distinctive voice. What better qualifications can one think of for a peerage?