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In response to Amy Runyon Harms, the Executive Director of ProgressNow Colorado, the millions who will
watch the debate on TV do not want to see or hear a bunch of brain-washed leftists from CU-Boulder
disrupting the debate. People across the country are already familiar with Boulder's foolishness.

Do you think they don't remember the city of Boulder refusing to fly the American flag after 09/11/01?

Do you think they don't recall the penile exhibit at the library instead of the American flag?

Do you think the American people care at all about the irresponsible students (especially the females)
whose trashy, drunken sexually-promiscuous escapades week-in and week-out are already known
throughout the country?

Get over it, Amy. The REAL PEOPLE want to listen thoughtfully to everything each Republican
candidate has to say. We do not want foolish, brain-washed leftists silencing the candidates.

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I'm surprised Ms. Smith did not use Hillary Clinton's usual rant that "the vast right-wing conspiracy"
is responsible for the videos. Leftists are constitutionally incapable of telling the truth about anything!

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Leonard Pitts is a smug hypocrite! On the one hand, he tells us "You don't have a right to impose your
conscience on other people".

On the other hand, he defends the right of black criminals to impose their LACK OF CONSCIENCE
on other people. That is exactly what black criminals, ie: murderers, rapists, burglars, thieves, etc.
are doing day in and day out as they rampage throughout the land.

Pitts needs a major attitude adjustment; he needs to accept that black criminals will be apprehended
by the police whether the criminals are armed or not. The solution is for black criminals to develop
a conscience. Pitts is an enabler of black crime in that he never addresses the lack of morals
(conscience) that drives black criminals.

And Pitts is unconcerned about black lawbreakers. IMO, murder and rape are far greater crimes than
the denial of a marriage license in one office, which license can easily be obtained in another office.

In conclusion, Pitts does not believe in "religious liberty", but he does believe in total "black racial

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For a perfect example of a superb intellect in action, I would like to recommend a recent book
by Dinesh D'Souza entitled "America: Imagine A World Without Her".

In this book, D'Souza smashes to smithereens every single false allegation against America
and against the GOP that the political Left uses in its endless War on America.

D'Souza makes a detailed rebuttal, an intellectual and coherent defense of American history,
that the Left would find irrefutable. Such a convincing rebuttal of the Left's charges has never
been presented in the past.

Unlike Gerry Valentine and Leonard Pitts, Jr., both of whom appear to despise America, along
with Ward Churchill (the beloved of Boulder Leftists) who, when asked which country is the evil
empire, replies, "You're in it", D'Souza loves America, his adopted country. Of course, D'Souza
had the intellect and personal drive to take advantage of the opportunities America offers.
In contrast, the minorities who constantly complain about America simply do not want to
"work, work, work", as GOP black candidate for president of the USA, Dr. Ben Carson, recommends.
The whiners simply want to "agitate, agitate, agitate", as advised by most black Democrat leaders.

When the famous fighter, Mohammad Ali, after traveling to Zaire in Africa for a boxing match,
was asked what he thought about Africa, he replied "Thank God my granddaddy got on that
boat." Of course, Ali succeeded by "work, work, work."

ln conclusion, Ward Churchill refers to America as "America the inexcusable". Republicans say,
"America the beautiful".

D'Souza's book will convince you that the GOP is right. D'Souza's book should be required
reading in every classroom in America from high school through college. And his basic ideas
about America the beautiful should be introduced to all children as soon as they are old enough
to comprehend the material.

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I suspect it may pain the Leftists who run Boulder, but I would like to suggest a monument to
our third POTUS, Thomas Jefferson.

It was he who finalized the Louisiana Purchase, for which the United States, in 1803, paid $15,000,000.00
in return for over 800,000 square miles of land. This purchase included at least part of the land that
subsequently became the state of Colorado.

I know that many Boulder Leftists refer to Jefferson as one of the "dead white males" whom they would
like to erase from American history. The reality is, however, that Jefferson was a multi-talented
"Renaissance" man who did much for the future of Colorado and for the future of the U.S.A.

A monument to him would be a sorely-needed gesture of respect for him and his accomplishments!

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Many thanks and many thumbs up to the person, or persons, who reported the 2 personal
attacks on me that were made by Travis Pickle. If the editor removed the 2 comments on
his own, my thanks to the editor.

I myself did not report Travis Pickle's personal attacks because I believed most readers
would recognize for themselves that Pickle had crossed the line of civil discourse, and
would discount his/her comments on their own.

Thanks again to whomever intervened on my behalf. My respect for the civil tone of
most of the persons commenting here has grown even greater than it was previously.

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In response to Travis Pickle, why did you not quote Mr. Pitts' description of the 2 murders of the young
white couple? Here are Pitts' additional comments:

A young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were
victims of a gruesome crime. They were carjacked,kidnapped and raped.
Cleaning fluid was sprayed into Christian's mouth. She was stuffed in a trash
can and apparently suffocated. Newsom was shot and set afire. His body was
dumped. Five blacks, one a woman, have been arrested.

Pitts closed his comments as follows:

I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves
similarly victimized.

Cry me a river.

Pitts' words are very clear to anyone who can read. You and he are racist apologists
for black criminals, and therefore accessories to the crimes they commit.

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Thanks, Delburt, for the info about Jessica Byrnes-Laird. Mr. Pitts' response to that incident would

These were the words with which he responded to the torture and murder of a young white
boy and girl a few years ago. Of course, the brutal torturers and murderers were BLACK.

Mr. Pitts does not care at all when blacks choose whites to be the recipients of black racist
hatred. Pitts, in fact, encourages blacks to act out their hatred for whites, always supporting
the black criminals and their crimes.

For the gruesome details of the murders of the 2 young whites, which elicited Pitts' comment,
"CRY ME A RIVER!", just enter "Leonard Pitts, Jr." and his "RIVER" comments on Google.
The stories about these 2 tortures and murders will disgust you such that you might even
request that the Daily Camera drop him as a columnist.

Pitts encourages racial conflict. It is a great source of income for him.

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In response to CompFedUp- Like most Progressives, instead of offering info to disprove my
assertion that the culture of the Weimar Republic was decadent, you comment on what you
believe was the source of the "decadent" idea.

FearlessLibtard accused me of parroting "Hate Radio". Just another attack on the "messenger"
by persons who are incapable of critiquing the facts of the widespread decadence of the
Weimar Republic.

Neither one of you can challenge the fact that the Weimar Republic was a cess-pool of
decadence, so you attack the messengers who state the facts that you do not like.

Why don't you state why you think my statements about the decadence and depravity are
not true. Dozens of books address the depravity rampant in the Weimar Republic.

One of the books that addresses the decadence and depravity is "Weimar Germany: Promise
and Tragedy" by Eric D. Weitz. Mr. Weitz approved of all the filth produced by Weimar Germany,
as is wont among Progressives. However, since I am able to think for myself, my conclusion
is that the cultural products were decadent and the personal conduct was depraved.

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In response to FearlessLibtard's asking "What is the Progressive movement?"

That is an easy question to answer. Just study the history of Weimar Germany prior to WW2.
Berlin was the most decadent, depraved city in the world. Decadent art, decadent movies,
decadent theater, decadent books, decadent entertainment everywhere, decadent
architecture, and depraved personal conduct utterly lacking any traces of morality.

The most depraved individuals from around the world flocked to Berlin and contaminated
the city with their filth. Most Germans objected to this foreign filth, such that the existence
of the Weimar Republic was one of the causes of WW2.

The Progressive movement is identical, and will destroy the USA just as the Weimar Republic
contributed to the destruction of Germany.