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What is their goal?
That's the crux of the problem. They don't really have one. Well unless you count
'maintaining the Union' a goal

I though that’s what it’s all about?

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employs almost twice as many Catholics as Protestants and the disparity is drifting up by about half a per cent a year.
Seems to me a bit late (no use bolting the stable door and all that ), you would have thought that one would have seen it coming wouldn't one.Hypocrisy comes to mind.

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Tyroneprod go make a snow man, it is to cold for painting kerbs right?!?!?
Your right, it's the weather for TV. Talking about TV reminds me, some great offers for paint, must get some, because were going to need stacks .

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The internet is doing more damage to the high street than the etc

Have to agree.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit to Coleraine Co Londonderry, I suppose we are all a bit bitter in our own wee way.

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if everyone thinks gerry was in the IRA then how come british or irish security forces never arrested or charged adams with IRA membership.

Funny is in it , makes you wonder??

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ParmaViolet the brain-dead to

I know where your coming from, but I think this is even worse?

A church minister has warned that young people in east Belfast will not turn away from recreational rioting because they are having too much fun.

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1000s of Northern Ireland men and women lost their lives in WW2 fighting for King and Country, and there wasn't conscription they were volunteers, so I think NI earned it right to be part of the UK.
Also suffer some the heaviest bombing raids of the war Belfast in particular.

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"This is just getting bloody ridiculous. There are decent. honest, law-abiding people living in these communities whose homes and cars are being attacked and damaged. Elderly people who will be frightened and it's time the police took a heavy hand with these yobs

Yes and you bloody well want to take the community funding off them, which might give them a little enjoyment in their area to pay for the damage.

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tax payers should be used for police costs and for cleaning the place up

Your not talking about getting protesters off the streets, your talking about the aftermath, you may be sure people won't be
bothered but that's just you,but I'm pretty sure they would be.