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I'm betting the next Palin grandchild will be called Jatla. It's Inuit or Eskimos for "snow between your fingers or toes, or in groin-folds"

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At least Marcus Bachmann will leave My Pretty Pony heads in Ross' bed.

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This must have been one of the Republican / Tea Party Talking Points Memo's of the weekend. Over the weekend my Tea Turd relatives were forwarding email chains about this shit. Of course the emails were a lot more colorful in describing the benefactors of the settlement.

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It's what we the gays call a "power bottom".

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With my bad luck I am forced to listen to a local radio station at work that airs FoxNews and they ran this story on Fox News Radio every hour. Well the ran the story pretty much saying it was a Weiner Bulge and little to discredit it.

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Where do I get one of those cupcakes that Tim was talking about? I want a cupcake for my vote!

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Damn those Los Angeles East Coast Liberal Elites.

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Since I skipped right to the moment I have no idea what he said but I can only agree that yes American's should be forced at gunpoint to workout at the local David Barton Gym. Of course most American's won't be able to afford to join a David Barton Gym but don't worry it's in Obamacare 2.0. Just wait.

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Hell, they haven't learned to use BCC yet in those emails!