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Where anything other than The Virus is concerned, the NHS seems either paralysed into inaction or incapable of formulating coherent policy. I have heard people suggest--ironically, I hope--that the last several months of delaying and denying treatment might be a clever way of terminally reducing waiting lists. When talk like that is circulating, we--not to mention the NHS and the government--are in serious trouble.

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I think that concepts of patriotism amongst the under-40 are somewhat more nuanced than you suggest. In my experience, the lower you go on the white economic totem-pole, the less people think about national ideals, and the prouder they are to be British simply because they and their families live here--and always have--and have always been proud to be British, simply because they are British, full-stop. The notion of national self-loathing and shame that has seemingly infected considerable swathes of the more "educated" British young appears not to have contaminated many young working-class whites.

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His continuous sulk is making him look like the post-1974 Edward Heath de nos jours.

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I am sure you're right, and of course the Silent Majority is a great deal larger, though far less well organised, than the various anarchical movements that are trying to change, i.e. ruin, this country. The government has to play this very carefully, because to give the appearance of appeasing the crazies will only alienate much of the Silent Majority, and send them off to seek solace in the bosom of the Brexit Party and UKIP, if they even still exist. However, if the government stands firm, but without seeming too much like a many-headed Disgruntled Tunbridge Wells, it has much to gain, as the extreme left have overplayed their hand and look like bullies--and people realise it.

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1) Opinion polls four years ahead of the next likely election serve only to keep the somewhat discredited pollsters busy--for we know how accurate most of them have been in recent years--and also to provide potential copy for the media when the media haven't anything more substantial to write about.

2) Boris was always going to be more important as a figurehead than as an ideas man. At his best, this product of Eton and Oxford makes more sense to more voters than do all the loopy and fundamentally unattractive theoreticians of the Left, who wouldn't recognise the Real World if it bit them on the bum. Boris does good speeches; it is up to his colleagues to flesh out policy.

3) That's the problem. Many, though not all, of his cabinet and ministerial colleagues are frankly boring, uninspiring and generally not up to it. What can be done? Precious little, in my opinion. Look at the shadow cabinet: they're even worse. In the (sometimes) good old days, men of intelligence and breadth of vision entered politics, almost as a matter of noblesse oblige. Today, these people go into business, where there's more financial reward. So, by and large we're stuck with quite a few second-raters, and that's the way it's been since the glory days of Mrs Thatcher--and even she had a few second-raters to contend with!

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I suspect that this is at least one half of the problem, as the moment the police show any signs of toughness, some wretchedly manipulative MP, "community spokesperson", or "expert" pops up to protest in the most appallingly grandstanding way, and then the police are castigated by the "Blob" of political correctness. Worse: this attitude has filtered down to some--though mercifully not all--members of the community. Case in point: this morning, when I was making my daily visit to my local hard-working newsagent, I learned of yesterday's incident of a man in another newsagent up in Wembley being severely beaten by thugs. The police managed to apprehend one of the thugs, though even though there were three officers involved, they were finding it almost impossible to restrain him. Meanwhile, a passer-by shouted at them, "Leave him alone; you're going to hurt him", either not knowing, or not caring, that he had severely injured a man in the shop. In a social climate like that, what would induce a police officer to put his life on the line?

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You cite "Keeping the NHS on an even keel" as a ministerial success, but I wonder if this putative "success"--if it is indeed a success--may have been bought at the expense of thousands--and possibly tens of thousands--of lives damaged, ruined or lost by concentrating on the coronavirus today versus cancer treatments, cardiac and neurological procedures, social care and educational achievement over a long course of future years. Is it playing the devil's advocate to wonder if at some point, when the worst of the pandemic is over, some hot-shot legal firm (either acting on its own or on behalf of one or another patient group) may attempt to bring charges of anything from failure in duty of care all the way up to corporate manslaughter against various NHS trusts, their highly paid managers, or even ministers, in this regard? I am not promoting such a move, simply suggesting it as a possibility. Even if such an attempt failed, it would generate considerable steamy media copy.

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Yours is one of the sanest and most rational comments on this site in a very long time.

When our newly impoverished economy begins to grow again, it will be from a significantly lower level. The same people who are screeching at the government to do even more will be the same people who will be complaining about a lower standard of living. For further enlightenment, those who have a subscription, or know how to get behind a paywall, should read Daniel Finkelstein's article in today's "Times" on precisely this subject. Basically, he seems to suggest that the government is doing the right thing, but the great British public ought to be clear as to the huge cost of doing this supposedly "right" thing. By the way, I'm an oldie as well.

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It is an appalling result.

Yet now we're thinking about building a bridge to this island. Yes, I do realise that it would connect Scotland with Northern Ireland, but I'm beginning to ask myself if we in England really want to be connected with any of them.