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This is integrity personified! I admire them. Trashing state employees as a whole by some commentors here is disgusting. Don't assume just because someone works for a government entity that they have no honor. Almost everyone in my immediate family has worked for the state of WA at one time or another. They did it honestly and by shear hard work.

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This isn't all about Jack, but the investors who put their monies into the project of which he is in charge. If you haven't looked at the price of gold lately, you should educate yourselves before making smart ass comments. I know Jack, and he isn't greedy. He's a businessman who is looking out for his investors.

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I agree with you Ken. There is NO justifiable excuse for the assault on this young girl. He lost control, overreacted, and can NEVER be trusted again to carry out his duties. No one should be treated this way while in the custody of the law. Yeah, I know, it happens. Can you say "jack booted thugs?". How could an attorney even defend this guy? Sickening!

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Hello Chuck,
I can contact him, but he wasn't born until 1927, so it may he wouldn't be old enough to know. You might try searching in the University of Washington Digital Collection for images and info too. I will see what else I can find and get back to you.


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I have no idea what was meant about the bomber going down I-5. LOL Nothing I saw in the news. They wouldn't get far today on the 5, it is closed for 20 miles north and south at Chehalis, much like last year when I wrote this article.

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Enjoying technology is one thing, but as a child who grew up in the 50's and 60's, I feel very fortunate that I know how to live without some things too. Yes, I could survive by relying on my wits, such as they are. If the whole world goes to hell and technology is lost, it may be the older generation who lived much of their lives without technology who will be able to save the day. I don't mean that in a smug way at all. Just an observation of the difference in generations and their skills.