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I want to know how to offer them to our readers!

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We will be updating the app to reflect the new look. No doubt about it.

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The plan is to keep each site unique in their look and color scheme except for the top logo banner which will be on all sites soon.

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To be fair, the NewsRoom app in its current form is great. I have never had any issues with it. I do not believe that all devs have to support all of their apps forever. If the app is stable and functionally complete and the dev wants to move onto something else (or even another platform), then that is their right.

While I would love new features in NewsRoom, it is always the developers decision. I have easily gotten my $5 worth out of the app and I am very happy to have it on my phone.

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Oooh me tooo meeee too!

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Let the record show...I do not own a fuzzy rat...I mean a Chihuahua.

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Where is the fun in that? :P

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Oooh slingplayer...that would be sweet.

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Not much new here, but it is always good to hear them talking about it. Q1 is what...6 months away tops? Sounds to me like it is about time to leave one of these bad boys in a bar somewhere.