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All this and Fisherman still cannot use Lake Macbride in the summer time ,Unless they have a 10 hp motor or less...........So are Macbride residences exemt foro the new drinking law?? they sure havwe a lot of $$$ musle at the state level

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Use it or lose it !!!! If the rent is paid, so what, now we are forcing people to build? whats the big deal, there are over 40 spots not rented.......dont you have something else to do?

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100 million dollar ???? And the City is going to run this ??? OMG

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is there a follow up on the cop car and the railroad track accident?? what happened there?? been gone for a while.........any b u t t chewing there?

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he played!! couldnt play due to injuries.......and now is playing somewhere else??? got to be a story here

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Go HAWKS, just a matter of time they would get someone, good job....I hope the new requiets in the stands got a idea of things to come and the great Hawkeye fans.....over 12000, not bad for a losing season

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Another out of towner, What happened to the buy local campaign?? How about hire locally!!.........300,000 people and no body can do the job?? I can think of several that would of did it for a lot less, without any moving costs.......Anybody for out of town want to be a Fire Chief? Seems like local people are not qualified.

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did he have a permit to carry?

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Is this what your daughters are suppose to look up to? dump her like Charlie Sheen

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maybe Hanson should get out and see what is going on, and learn how to budjet, slow winter and out of money?? we have trucks driving aroud right now, doing nothing, seen three of them from Johnson Ave area to Jefferson high school......