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I am an atheist but was brought up as an evangelical Christian so I know where he is coming from. Do you accept the Bible in its entirety or do you pick and choose? And the elephant in the room is:

Leviticus 20:13 New Living Translation (NLT)
13 “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense"

But if you ignore this very clear statement (people claim it is ambiguous but it looks clear enough to me), what about the other stuff in your holy infallible book?

The Ten Commandments:
"Stealing is wrong unless they are rich and vote Conservative"?
"Coveting your neighbours ass is wrong, unless she is really hot and giving you the come on"?

Not to mention St Paul "let your women remain silent in church"

Where do you stop? That is why the Church of England is tying itself in knots and Farron was in an impossible position

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If I were Google I would be wary of sitting in judgement on whether a video (or post) is acceptable - the old cliché that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter has a large element of truth.

An ISIS video of a beheading is clearly unacceptable but what about a video saying, for example, that Western intervention in Syria is unacceptable? Is that free speech or a hate crime?

From a technical perspective, the easiest way to police this is to just have a red button which any viewer can press - as more people press it, the higher the sense of urgency in reviewing the material

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Yes! People like Farage are not built to agree with people. We need stubborn, pig headed people who have a view and stick to it irrespective of how many people they piss off. Well done Lord Farage.

I can even admire Corbyn for this ( the difference being that Corbyn has views which would destroy the UK economy but all credit for sticking to them)

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Well said!

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Well, I have the DT delivered each morning and have read it for years. Its political stance is just fine by me but I am core readership - old, well off and pretty right wing.

Nigel Farage is a hero as far as I am concerned but UKIP has now reached its sell by date and has no role. The sooner it folds the better

And Nigel can become a media star and make a load of money - fine by me - he deserves it for rescuing us from foreign domination

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An extremely thoughtful article in my opinion - I enjoyed every word

There is an interesting parallel between three events, Brexit, Trump and Corbyn which I have not really seen drawn. It is hinted at in this article but not spelled out (as far as I can see). In each case the voters said "enough already, we want what we want, not what you tell us we should want"

So, people (like me) who were pissed off with political correctness voted for Brexit and Trump. And True Socialists voted for Corbyn. They were fed up with a watered down Socialism which is really Capitalism Lite. What is Socialism without Clause 4? It is nothing. It is like Christianity without Jesus.

The forth revolution will be when the Evangelical Christians take over the Church of England - then all Hell (yup) will break loose. "It says in Leviticus that the penalty for homosexuality is death for both parties so how come there are gay clergy?"

Don't get me wrong, I am a militant atheist and somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan (or is that Attila the Hun - whatever). But if an organisation is set up to do something, then that is what it should be doing ...

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Your headline should have read "Under half of people who read this forum and have an extremely high threshold of boredom are pleased at Trump’s win"

I say this because I started to fill in your questionnaire but as the questions became interminable, I gave up. And I am absolutely delighted that The Donald won!

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You have hit the nail on the head! I voted for Brexit and in the USA I would have voted for Trump.

And no, I am not a bitter failure - just pissed off with the sneering left wing liberal consensus

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Innovation and new companies are invariably driven by an individual with a bee in his bonnet. Look at James Dyson for a UK example (all too rare)

The problem in the UK is that enterprise is a dirty word. Businessmen are perceived as being evil and greedy. Every film and TV series has an "evil corporation" as the villain. And the hero is a writer, surprise, surprise.

THe Goverments role in all of this should be to promote the fact that ALL wealth is created by business. People who build companies are heroes. They employ people and provide goods and services which people need or want. Engineers are also heroes. And in Germany they have status to match. The title "Ing" is a source of pride. In the UK an engineer is a guy who comes to unblock your WC

So, lower corporation tax (already on the agenda). And raise the role of the entrepreneur and engineer to that of hero. Then stand out of the way.

Yes, I do know what I am talking about. I have built a successful business from scratch and have backed 20 high tech companies with my own money.

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Doubtless The Donald read my post on here from a week ago and was refrring to me in his Tweet. This is what I said:

"May has just dropped an incredible opportunity - she (and Boris) should have appointed Nigel Farage as Embassador to the USA. This would have three major advantages

1. We would have a mate of Trumps right at the heart of things - Trump is a deal maker and values loyalty
2. It would finish off UKIP
3. Before Nigel becomes Lord Farage of Kipplington, he can campaign for both the Tories and Trump in 2020 elections"

But, ever flexible, I think Farrage being US embassador to the UK would be a master stroke - and hilarious to boot

While on the subject of brilliant ideas, why not get the new guy at the CIA to waterboard Jeremy Corbyn? Remember, you read it here first