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The Daily Sun News now has proof that the effects of its inaccurate and slanted reporting has been accepted by the Sunnyside Public. Too bad for Sunnyside. The public has little source of information and they have unfortunately trusted that the Daily Sun News is a source of honest reporting. The issue of sex trafficking is fraught with assumptions and monitored by persons who lack the credentials to be reporting or involved. Although Bob Story and his journalisitc minions continue to mislead and misinform the public, our current City Government has mangaged to reduce crime dramatically and turn around the economic diaster created by Mark Gervasi, Byron Olson, Jim Bridges and the Council people who were essentially elected by Bob Story and the Daily Sun News. A good example of the Dark Side News is their allowance of commenters to hide behind their KKK names. Jim Stevens

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It is unfortunate for Sunnyside and its citizens that Frank has chosen to attack the one person who stood up to gangs in Sunnyside. The victims of these criminals and their potential victims can only thank Phil Schenk for leading the way against gangs. The statistics of his program are the answer to any question about the effectiveness of Phil Schenk as Chief. As for the MGT study - the statistical base from which they drew their conclusions would be deemed invalid in any 7th grade science class. It reeks of, what one police agency mentioned as, being driven by "ulterior motives". Jim Stevens

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The backbone of our Blockwatch is an excellent Police Deparment headed by Deputy Chief Phil Schenk
Jim Stevens

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Readers of the DSN, (Not Necessarily the News)
Regarding the validity of the Daily Sun News, “Police Blotter”, You can put your money in the bank for one sure-fire investment – Bob is now creating more “Chapters” in his new book, Fairy Tales of Sunnyside, as created by editor Bob Story. He manufactures reams of fables from within the confines of his safe Camelot Castle on 6th and Edison. Jim Stevens

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Who is the mysterious CDT? All of Sunnyside waits to hear.

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CTD Please identify yourself or we can consider your comment to be as credible as the editorial page of the DSN.
Jim Stevens

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What should be asked is why was the 50K was spent for the SSPD report that should have been done in-house by the City Manager and staff. And why was Byron Olson pointing the finger at the Police Department while he failed to note the expenditures that he caused the City. The list goes on and on in regard to Byron's continual patten of hammering the Police Department while omitting or protecting other ill-advised City expenditures.
The Sunnyside PD was prudent in their business protocol of having a source outside of the PD provide the investigation for embezzlement. Embezzlement is NOT an item to self-investigate.

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F is for Story. The commentary sounds like Frank is drinking the Bob Story Kool-Ade. Obviously, Frank, you did not attend the meeting.

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5 Pointer is on the Mark!
Jim Stevens

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Amber made some interesting comments after the election that definitely fit her editor, Bob Story. Bob has left his mark on the editorial page and front page that exemplify Amber's lamentations; "stretch the truth into unrecognizable fables", "I can't stand the ill character people show in order to gain a little more power" , "hard to say who to trust these days", and lastly, "you literally cannot believe everything you hear". Please add...OR READ. Maybe you can consult with Bob and Tim to rectify the problem you have described.
Jim Stevens