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Ay hometown bros! It was pretty fun this year, if a little mellow. Not that that's a bad thing at all.

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It saddens me that progress updates and demo posts are so risky. If you want to make it through from start to finish, try to get an announcement on EqD and stay quiet until it's done.

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Someone reup please!

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I don't know who, but someone at Everfree always brings their black bike with a bunch of cool RD art on it, parks right by the walkway outside. Kind of a staple of the con. Nice to see more bike art.

BTW, if anyone knows the bike I'm talking about or it's owner I'd be interested to know.

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Best ep this season so far. And that's really saying something too.

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Haha! I was waiting for this opportunity. Picking up 3 main volumes and 3 friends forever volumes now.

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Sad to see her leave this area but good for her!

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I really appreciate this. A lot of season 3 and 4 was spoiled for me even by headings alone, but of course this is a news site so it would be silly to just pretend the hype isn't coming. This seems like the best solution.

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I actually got a print of the original image from JJ at EFNW!

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It'd be hard to find a better "representative" (for lack of a better word) than Jake here. That's like getting Dusty Katt to do an interview.