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That is very true that some mizrahi communities, especially in the states, try to keep their peculiar Nusach. I do not see anything wrong with that. But I doubt they shall be successful for many generations.

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During the last decades, all sefardic and mizrahi Jews have been expelled from their countries and became refugees mainly in Israel but also in France and to a lesser extent in other places. This forced migration has by itself unified the different Edot haMizrah and most of the old minhagim are disappearing by merging. It is just a question of time.

Most Sfaradim now refer to the Yalkut Yosef, they pray together with the same Siddurim either in hebrew or in french, they send their kids to the very same schools and they marry each other. Even if many old people want to keep the peculiar tradition from their birth place, their descendants just cannot and they usually define themselves as plain Sfaradim.

The work of Rav Yosef has been to guide this historical process and unify all the different sefardic and mizrahi communities around a common banner in terms of Halakha, Minhag and politics. You can simply observe that Shas MK are equally originating from North Africa, the Middle east and former Soviet Republics.

Also, we did not divide ourselve in different theological movements as the Ashkenazim did with their reform, conservatism, orthodoxy or ultra-orthodoxy. We just consider ourselve more or less religious and observant but we all go to the same rabbis. As a consequence, this unification process has an impact on every Sfaradi at some moment of his life.

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Bigots ? No just proud Sfaradim !

Since generations, enlighted assimilated Ashkenazim look down at their traditional sefardic brethen as stupid uneducated bigots who are worth nothing.

Then came Rav Yosef who united us in the tradition of our fathers. He was our strength and he gave us back our pride. We are not second class Jews anymore.

Rav Yosef's teaching will live though our kids and grand children when yours will not even be jewish anymore.

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Good point, but as a great rabbi of the state of Israel, Rav Yosef was in a position of power to take decisions which had a direct application on millions of people. His heritage in the Yalkut Yosef is already binding for all Edot haMizrah. Whatever the quality of his halakhic and kabalistic woks, the Ben Ish Haï was never in such a position to influence so many people in so a short time.

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70% of french goyim think it is easier now to be jewish in France.
I guess they never tried having a walk in Paris with a kippa.

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100% agreed !

Whatever the trolls writing in Forward have to say, Rav Yosef was a rabbinic authority never seen in our sefardic community since the Rambam. Millions of mizrahi Jews anywhere in the world turn to the Yalkut Yosef when halakhic guidance is needed.

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I could not say it better !

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Yes, but also the attachment of all Sefardim to Rav Yosef.

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Nice answer !

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I just cannot decide if your comment is just a simple show of ignorance or a deliberate insult to the Sefardim.