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Juan baby has always been unhinged and prone to serial fabrications and confusing his fevered imagination with reality.

Here's the thing - he's a hard core Arabist and Leftist who despises the West and anyone who is to the right of him in politics.

Oh, yeah he's creepy too.

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Give the fella a hat made out of pork and a coat made of pig skin.

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"Meanwhile, I would argue that, even in the abstract, a dhimmi nation is a lesser evil than a Communist one, which (theoretically at least) allows no religious tolerance, and forced eugenics. Quite frankly, dhimmitude would be a step in the right direction for a Communist region!"

Communism is far more attractive than being a religious minority in a Islam state where you pay burdensome taxes, can be killed by a Muslim at the drop of a hat, have your church burned down for no reason, have your children kidnapped by Muslims and make them convert to Islam, etc.

Maybe you find such a lifestyle attractive but I and most others here don't.

At least with the Chinese Communists as long as you don't screw with the party they will leave you alone. But as a dhimmi in a Islamic state you have no such assurance nor any rights, you can be killed, beaten or have your property taken at any time by some Muslim degenerate operating on orders from the local Iman.

Nope I'll take my chances with the Chinese Communists any day.

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"What I do insist is that one cannot, at any given point in history, look at a Muslim, a Muslim government, or a Muslim nation and automatically assume that everything they do is motivated by such orthodox Islamic imperatives. Most Muslim nations, even their governments, are Halloween-coalitions of various interests: jihadist, liberal democratic, secular fascist, etc."

Historically you're dead wrong. Ever notice that what country or region Islam took over it wiped out its native culture and religion, Even today when Islam gets the upper hand in a area it persecutes non-Muslims relentlessly.

It's their MO as dictated by the Koran and associated theological materials.

In terms of government they've been to a one are corrupt, brutal despotic regimes (save for Turkey that still has some vestiges of Democracy but not for long). Who cares what goes on inside when the behavior of these governments are just as bad or even worse than the Chinese. Caring about what goes on inside is like being concerned what goes on inside a sharks gut.

What the Chinese are doing with the Uighers is just good pre-emptive work. Because if they give these Muslims the same sort of freedoms we give ours they will have tjhe same problems we have here in the U.S. such as:

Demands for Shariah and schools for Muslims
Young male Muslims training for terrorist operations here and abroad.
Demands that the rest of society conform to the tenants of Islam.
Bullying local officials and businesses.

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Islam doesn't do context, that you should know if you actually read Mr. Spencer's writings.

The thing is, Islam is a monolith in terms of behavior. Where ever they take power the first thing they do is make life hell for non-Muslims and either force them to convert, drive them or kill them off.

Look at Kosovar province, once the Muslim Albanians got power the first thing they did was to persecute/murder Serbs, Gypsies and Hungarians and destroy their churches and culture.

Or take Turkey's jihad against Armenians and Pontic Greeks that killed millions or its illegal take over of Northern Cyprus and its eradication of Greek culture and faith in that part.

Then there is Egypt's continual persecution of Coptic Christians and Pakistan's war on it's Hindu and Christian minorities.

On your "Just War Doctrine" well its a good thing the West wasn't listening to people like you during WWII otherwise we'd all be practicing the goose step.

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Spot on!

The Muslims are not and have never really peacefully tolerated any religious minorities within their sphere of influence. Usually they get heavily taxed, face murderous violence at the hands of local Muslims for some imagined grievance, etc.

Just look at our those civilized Turks, the unrepentant murderous bastards won't even acknowledge they killed over a million Armenians and wiped out the Pontic Greeks.Then there was their invasion and subsequent ethnic and cultural cleansing of North Cyprus.

And more power to China in laying down the law and keeping the Muslims in their place.

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Newsweek is a worthless happy talk liberal wag that is circling the drain - you can see it with its plans to become a bi-weekly. The magazine will probably be gone this time next year or even earlier.

That said, its news coverage is so slanted as to be useless. For example its financial coverage is considered a joke among traders and people concerned about the economy. Its political coverage is so pro-Obama that you may as well get a sit rep from Rachel Madow.

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Of course they didn't offer up a Koran for mutilation. But there are a couple of reasons for this.
1) Liberals *HATE* Christianity the way Nazis hate Jews. It's visceral and defies all reason. As a result of this hate, they will align themselves with anyone who hates Christianity and the West as much they do. This makes Islam the perfect ally of Liberals.

2)Liberals are cowards. They know that if they cross their Muslim pals that they will get their lilly white, elitist asses in a world of hurt. Yes, liberals can be nasty and even violent towards your average white male or female who disagrees with them, but they know these folks won't kick their asses when they mouth off.

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I don't know about that. Feminists have no problem going apeshit on any college campus should a white male be involved in any sort of sex crime or merely being politically incorrect. Nor do they have any reticence when it comes to attacking men in general.

Nor do they have problems boycotting businesses, filing lawsuits or badgering the shit out of Congressmen.

The fact is Feminists don't give a hoot about women being trapped and abused by Islam.

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That about sums it up.