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Lagarde will want a pay hike for herself in the not-so-distant future; more benefits is always helpful, too.

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it's not afghan goat-herders who fcuk the mailman and then expect you to raise that child as your own; and it's not afghan goat-herders thousands of miles away who commit most of the violent acts in our society against our children but then pretend that domestic violence is something only men do. You know who the enemy is, but you don't attack the enemy.

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if men had any brains, they'd be putting bullets in the heads of white females.

Think about it, gentlemen: it's not a bunch of afghan goat-herders half a world away who are taking your kids from you in a custody fight; it's not afghan goat-herders telling you in a university lecture hall that men are stupid, indolent, immature, sexual predators, and inferior - that's being told to you by (white) women whose bloated salaries are paid for by your tuition dollars. It's not afghan goat-herders who passed speech codes, affirmative action policies, "harassment" guidelines (predominantly aimed at men) in the workplace, or who pushed for the endorsement of post-partum depression as a legitimate rationale and excuse for infanticide (committed by the mother, naturally). It's not afghan goat-herders half-a-world-away who tell your young son, when he is grade school, in a thousand subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that he's the source of all that's wrong in the world (at least if he's white). It's not afghan goat-herders who falsely accuse you of rape or engage in paternity fraud;

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is there anything worse than a bunch of wealthy, privileged western j e wesses or white females pretending to be victims for the mere sake of ramming through more gynocentric, anti-male legislation? Maybe we need more muslim fundamentalists in the west as a corrective and counter-balance to the jews and caucasian females

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The canard that women are "victims" in our contemporary western society is a grotesque scam perpetrated by the likes of shillary - a vile woman who has never failed to advance a feminist agenda and who would do so again if elected to the presidency.

Wake up, guys, and smell the bu ll shit; think about the world you are leaving behind for your sons. Think it's tough now being a man in the office or in a custody fight? Wait 20 more years if the shillarys of the world have their way and you'll really know what tough times are all about.

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it's the usual female bull sh it

women in north american society, if anything, are in advance of men because of a gynocentric education system and legal system: more women go to college/university than young men; women outnumber men in professional schools across the continent; white females are the leading beneficiaries of affirmative action; male suicide rates (particularly amongst whites) are higher than female suicide rates; and male rates of depression and mental illness have been climbing steadily for, literally, decades. And, oh yes: women almost invariably triumph in custody battles, will most likely live longer than their husbands, and are statistically less likely to be victims of physical violence.

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do you unreflective, unintelligent americans ever pause to consider that you exacerbate tensions in the middle east? No matter what Israel does, it has american support (chiefly because of jewish money and the power of AIPAC - to say nothing of a media dominated by the jews). No matter what occurs in the middle east, the excited states feels the need to invade lands in that part of the world or threaten military intervention. A human rights tragedy is unfolding in the Gaza Strip, but the jew-controlled excited states doesn't care; what matters - despite all the high-sounding rhetoric - is that the oil keeps flowing. Just pathetic. Maybe you should consider bringing an end to the self-righteous, hypocritical rhetoric when lecturing the rest of the world on "American values."

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and that's why the us is a repressive regime. Yes, it's true: you dumb, fat, war-mongering americans really are the idiot tools of the zionists

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how does a woman get back at a man? Through rape fraud, paternity fraud, through falsehoods levelled at his character - and through his children (including the abuse of his children). This is why men shoot women - and who can blame them? I am amazed it doesn't occur more often (it shows you the nobility and forbearance of men).

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when a gynocentric legal system takes matters into its own hands and systematically discriminates against fathers, sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Too many good men have had their lives destroyed by unscrupulous lawyers and gender-biased judges; personally, I would have preferred him shoot a few divorce attorneys instead since that would have definitely cleaned up some of the detritus and filth in the legal profession.