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That's correct, you can download and try out the SDK for free, you'll see a temporary "TapLynx Demo" banner (shows up & fades out so as not to disrupt your interface) as long as you don't have a key.

And yes, submitting to iTunes would be considered production usage.

Do you have a project in mind?

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Sorry to hear caz - like I said i'm not a programmer, so i'll have to go back in and see what I broke. As for the thumbnails, you need to tap on the title bar to see the slideshow.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm not surprised. I live 4 miles from work, and there are no fewer than 3 places where I'm guaranteed to drop calls. I honestly think AT&T is turning into an insurance company. They are only happy if you never use them.

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Congrats on the race. Good for you for getting after it! A four hour lap sounds rough, but i'm sure you're a better man for it. Builds character, right?... or maybe just teaches you not to redline your body on 10 hours of training :)

Great story- you're a rockstar for finishing.

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JD - What does the user get? The user gets their the news they want to read, where they want it. On the bus, in line at the grocery store - where ever you find a few moments to catch up on the news - getting the latest information on a mobile phone is one of the most efficient ways to keep you (the user) current.

Variety's site is pretty good on Safari on the iPhone, but its even better as a dedicated application... the headlines are just a click away, and you don't need to adjust your screen to read them.

From a publisher perspective, news is currency - so having a way to get headlines & brand in front of their audience keeps them relevant...

I might agree with you if the content in the iPhone app was stagnant, then it would feel like a screensaver - but it isn't. The articles, images, videos in the application are powered by RSS, which in many cases means the app gets the content as soon as the website does.

But I agree with Brad, if you have an iPhone, download the app, I think you'll find it much more friendly than just browsing variety.com through the browser on the iPhone.

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what... is... that ?

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Great news! Way to go Tom and crew!

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Seth, great recap of the ride. I'm still amazed that you decided to do the ride - without having riden any part of it previously. You're either crazy or a glutton for punishment. Or maybe both.