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The latest Patriot-News format is dumb. The circuculation gets bigger and paper gets smaller. The best newspaper in PA is the Tribune-Review. Why waste money on the Harrisburg paper when it can be read on line? You can toss it up in the air and read it on its way down.

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Only a dozen! As a Toomey supporter I am curious about this fact. I hoped there would be dozen(S).

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I don't recall who this third candidate was . Could you help us youngsters out. You mean we could have been rid of Specter 23 years ago. Who was this person?

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For Specter to say he is a loyal anything is a lie. Why would the PA Democrat party want a false Democrat when they have real Democrats who want that seat? Will Meheen jump in as Arlen's cats-paw to hurt Toomey? Specter has done whatever it takes not to go out a loser, so why are folks surprised? Perhaps the day of the Republican Party is ending. Why not have PA Conservative party? It will attrach Democrat, Republicans and independents. Let us stop falling for Specter's deceptions.

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Smith says posting his or other leglislators contracts or expenses won't solve anything. What 's to solve? If I want to look at a House Republican's legislative expenses I have to file a written request and come to Harrrisbug to look at the files or buy copies. A real starting point that shows REAL transparencey is would be for each House member to follow Rep. Marshall's example. Smith could lead by posting his personal legislative account, his leadership accounts and his caucus's WAM list. It might not solve the problem of corruption in his caucus. But he will be putting our money where his mouth is.