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Ah, the delicious tears of haters. Knowing how boring and unfun their lives must be actually makes my pity them.

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And a trixie ref on top of it all. Such love.

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I am a big soccer fan. But if I get married and have kids and they like soccer too, will I be married to a soccer mom? Oh, what a world!

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You don't need a reason to forgive, that's not how forgiveness works. The whole point is that there is no proper excuse on the guilty side, which is why one has to ask for forgiveness in the first place.

It would be a sad, cruel world if we only forgave when people "deserved it".

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I love animation, but there isn't enough good western stuff to satisfy me, so I ended up loving anime as well.

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I'm not even going to click and give them a pageview. There are lots of idiots in the world, and as an Oregonian, I know that a fair amount of them exist in Portland.

No need to waste effort in trying to convert them, this newspaper is a nothing anyway, or I would have heard of it before.

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I guess a bit more than my other fandoms. I go to EFNW. Though I would go to a pokemon con if they had one in a local area.

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Look up the fraction of genders that watch anime, or adult swim, or adults that watch "kid" shows like Korra. I bet the 85% ratio is close to the mark.

I hypothesize that MLP appeals equally to men and women that enjoy watching animations as a hobby, and the 85% split is an accurate showing of those of the "watch animations" group.

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My life is already a brony documentary, I suppose. So attending one would be a paradox.

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Why would he be happy about ruining a great pony figurine?