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The cost can be further reduced if all parts purchased by the contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, etc working in those projects be exempted of GST and quote without GST. The cost can be much lower than RM55 billion.

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Battery pack LED spot lights must be provided in case of power failure.

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For human, any inconvenience for a short duration are usually forgotten, like the recent water disruption.
The purchasing power which have declined due to stagnant wages, GST increasing the product prices and drop in value of ringgit is inconvenience the rakyat experiencing every day. Those are the things that will have strong impact for the rakyat.
Any party that can champion for that will be the preference of the rakyat.

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Police tested urine and after confirmation of the presence of drug, thats when they disclose the details. If just drank coffee, why urine have trace of drug?

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Where can the public see the result of the redelineation excercise in the geographical map of the country?

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How to classify a news is fake or true?
Who will do it?

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So there will be many court cases with abundant of information being revealed to proof its a fake news. The opposite party will be revealing all the evident to proof its a true news.

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The 1st manifesto should have been to eliminate corruption at all level.

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There were also bursting pipes and water disruption before 2008. When it was brought up as an issue before, why the same soil contamination becomes an issue now.
Consult a competent Mechanical Engineering consultant specialised in hydraulics and strength of materials. He will give a good reason why pipe burst.

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The ministry must sue all the foreign news portal for publishing fake news. Forward complain to the respective embassies.