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Carter and his Mayonnaise strikes again,

This guy is trying to rewrite facts in our history , so that Jimmy the failure, looks like he did something lasting.
Carter was a dipwad and still is a Dipwad.

Ignore the DIPWAD fool, LET THE LEFTISTS DROOL ON HIM, like a pack of wolves

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Whoopi, idiot in Idiot OUT.

jUST WHO ATTACKED the TWIN TOWERS AND Pearl Harbor, guess we fought the the wrong people in the Pacific.

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hop it is not one of the lamo's of other

VA sites,,,,

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Leftists are the most tolerant of people, think as they do or shut up.

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move to another country, join their army and get disabled. Guess what they get ?

ooops, I'll stay here..... see you guys in the movies

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make her pay for all medical and public services she caused.

If you filed a false complaint to the cops, you'd be trying to get a good lawyer to say some crap to keep yourself out of the pookie.. we all have problems, buck up .... time to feel sorry for her is over, the faker needs to break some rocks in the hot sun, then complain.....

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why, bother....... it is so obvious she needs to be expelled...

But, if you cannot get rid of rangle with his record of slim, why bother ?

The Swamp is drainless

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Not surprised at all by this piece of crap claiming to be a big hero and General.

I suspect if one was to go to every VA Facility, you'd find all sorts of lying dipwads claiming all sorts of heroic actions. The usual lie is they were in some sort of Special Operations unit... Seals, Special Forces, Rangers, Scout snipers, or any other force......

many were just cooks or Motor T with a Fire Watch ribbon

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If one has an ICD implanted, no tests are requied, the rating of 100% is given.

Federal Regs say certain IHD they cannot give tests for fear of your sudden death...

Need reg. number ?

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Protect this speech, judge.