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10 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Christian Hell vs. Mus... · 1 reply · -2 points

One thing I like about Muslim hell - provided it's reliable information - is that it's icy cold. I love winter, ice, and snow, but hate heat. So, if any gods are listening, and there is a free choice of hell to go to, I'd prefer the Muslim one. Not to mention I'd prefer Muslim Heaven, too, what with all the virgins and all... ;)

BTW, a brilliant Serbian author once stated in a magnificent book of his (which was in the form of a dictionary, no less) that, in fact, Hells are sort of crossed-out between religions: Christians go to a Muslim one, a vice versa. He didn't seem to bother explaining about atheists, though, being of the more "traditionalist" sort.

So, as an atheist, I hope if there is a Hell (or Heaven) I get to choose closer to the time. ;)
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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Fox News on Separation... · 0 replies · +3 points

If I were facetious I'd say: "Separation of church and state in the country which prints 'in god we trust' on its money?"

Ooops! Just did...

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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Atheist or Agnostic? I... · 2 replies · -7 points

Interesting. Not how I use and understand the terms. I always held them to be mutually exclusive. This is because, for me, an agnostic does in fact admit a deity exists, but they don't necessarily (or at all) think it's one of the "available" ones; plus, they also may claim that even if it exists the deity is not necessarily (or at all) interested and/or involved in life of man. An atheist, by contrast, rejects the notion of there being a deity, period. In other words, to me, an agnostic is essentially "spiritual", while an atheist isn't.

I'm not saying the difference matters much or at all. Just that I have always used the terms in this way, which probably means I learned them that way. Maybe this is a Continental things? There's a lot of subtle philosophic differences between the Continent, UK, and USA (including between just UK and USA).

So, in short, for me the graph above does not make much sense. :)
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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - An Atheist Manifesto · 0 replies · -1 points

Having said that, it does seem it's one of the Project Gutenberg titles...

11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - An Atheist Manifesto · 0 replies · -1 points


As a matter of fact, an eBook can also be found with only a little bit of Google-fu, here:

I am not, however, entirely sure about the legality of the copy you can get there, but they do provide it in various formats...

11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - An Atheist Manifesto · 2 replies · -2 points

Sadly, Kindle edition is not available to UK customers and £5.50 for used paperback of 4 pages seems a bit steep - and won't fit inside my phone either. ;)

11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - The Price of Hero Wors... · 1 reply · +1 points

With all due respect, Dawkins is not an "atheist blogger". Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist - and a very good and important one as well, in scientific terms - with much more achievements to his name than just campaigning against religion. Don't know the others so can't comment further, but Dawkins certainly does not deserve derision that has been piled on him here, both in the post and the comments. Not to mention that "elevatorgate" has absolutely nothing to do with religion and/or atheism. If it's to do with anything it's evolutionary psychology, but that's beside the point here...
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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Catholics Still Pushin... · 0 replies · 0 points

But it's practically impossible to avoid getting to exorcism as a valid exercise if one literally believes some things Catholics are supposed to, isn't it? If one believes in god, angels, devils, and their respective attributes, it must follow - eventually - that devil may posses someone, and somewhere down the line that it is also possible to exorcise it. After all, isn't it what was so nicely written in the New Testament (the herd of pigs bit - I *love* the mental image of *that*). So, actually, *not* performing exorcism can be viewed by a priest (and his flock - interestingly, a "her" just can't be inserted her) the same as a doctor refusing to treat a patient. So admitting to it maybe viewed as similar to admitting having gone to a doctor for a venereal disease. Useful, necessary, yet one would not readily admit to it. ;)
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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - What\'s in a Name? · 0 replies · 0 points

I'd argue that atheism may be sometimes described as "radical" (as in mine, for example), but I rarely came across the type that would warrant "militant". It is after all only religions which wage wars *because* of the(ir) religion. I am yet to hear about a war that was wages specifically to promote atheism or by a bunch of organised atheists against an(y) established religion(s)...
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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Idiot of the Week: Rep... · 0 replies · +1 points

I continue to be amazed at what American legislators waste their time on, and at what American people are having (allowing?) to put up with. :|
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