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well, i guess i had to blame somebody... for the mess i felt. i'll try to own it more.

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i think a bihlmaier man could single handedly keep me in good shape... hahaha.

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My parents didn't even start to talk to me about sex until I was about 16... I had lost my virginity at 14... all I did was roll my eyes.

To this day (I'm 20) I'm too scared to ask my mom about getting me birth control... and I can't afford it on my own.

Point blank ask if they want birth control, even "just in case." I'm not of the belief that it encourages sex, if a teen is going to have sex... they will. and if they know that they are better and worth more than that... they won't. it doesn't matter what physical tools you give them, better safe than grandkids.

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falling snowflakes lit by street lamps.

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This design is cool, except way hard to read.

I read ragga because I love your mix of talking about God, children, church, love and struggles with all of the above.

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i love kids being around for worship and young disciples time... i think every adult can benefit from watching the kids run up to the front and gather around the pastor with such wonder and awe.

most parents know to step out with a noisy child, and we do have people to watch children that would rather not participate or who are becoming a handful in the service, but even for the little ones, their sunday school isnt until after church.

and i find if a child is crying and crying and the parent isnt doing anything... i pray for the both of them.

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I sponsor Maria in Guatemala... she is too young to write so she sends me pictures she draws, so heart melting. I canceled my netflix subscription to have enough to sponsor her, I figure her pictures are more filling than movies.

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i got a laptop for college two years ago and chose mac for the free printer and ipod deal... i LOVE my mac... and now im an iphone owner too... i will NEVER go back to PC land... even though it makes things slightly more difficult for school as far as some compatibility for projects and stuff, but it is still worth it.

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I just turned 20, so I'm in college and we have a group that gets together and worships and I'd say it's best to leave students to run their own thing and have "old people" at the edge for guidance and help, because we want and need that too. I think switching off works well too, give the students a break from leading sometimes, they are still kids.

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we better step up cuz those rocks are just plain creepy.