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Hi Guys,

Quick question on behalf of a friend. He has a iPhone 4 locked to O2 in the UK. Its on baseband 3.0.04. I think he is still on iOS 5.X

Can this baseband be unlocked in anyway?

I did google guys...can't find a good answer...and know the guys here would know!

Thanks in advance guys!


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Guys, Now you have me wondering if i should do what you suggest and i thank you both for your advice!

I will have think about this over the weekend and make up my mind then.

So, I would then just upgrade to iOS 6.0 and then find a tuteriol on iClarified on how to get back to 5.1.1?



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Ah! dhlizard! I didn't think you would be too far away! You have helped me in the past mate! :)

Yes, I already checked cydia and I do have the blobs for 5.1.1. I just don't know if i want to go through all the hassle of getting back to where i am just now...just to get push mail to work again.

My main thing was the unlock so that i can use my phone abroad if required.

With what you have said in your reply and also with what A08 has said...its all clear in my mind now.

Best Regards to you both!!!


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Hi A08

Thanks for this. Now I'm glad i asked. I will have to look into SAM as I haven't used that before, but have found its webpage online.

As for 5.1.1 on a JB....I would like to keep it....but I think my phone needs a wipe out and redo as I have lost push mail and have tried everything to get that working. I think I do have SHSH blobs for 5.1.1, but I don't know if I could be bothered doing a JB to gte back to where i am just now. I may have to update to iOS with the maps issue until that is resolved then wait for a JB for that build.

Thanks for your reply mate!

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Hi Guys,

This may be a stupid question but I really just want to make sure before I proceed any further. I just had my iPhone 4 unlocked by o2 in the UK. I have received an email from them to tell me that the phone has been unlatched and to check by using a third party sim in the phone, a USB cable and hook up to iTunes to confirm the unlock. I am JBroken on iOS 5.1.1 and was previously unlocked by Ultrasnow on BB 01.59.00.

Is it OK to hook up to iTunes...or should I avoid that?

Am I correct in saying that I no longer need to worry about my 01.59.00 BB updating to a newer BB as I am now unlocked by o2? I will no longer need to worry about an unlock when JB'ing...I just JB away?

Hope someone can advise!

Thanks in advance....and a BIG up for the Jailbreak community!


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Hi Raja, I chose the wrong option in Pwnagetool when it asked me if i had a sim that needed authorised in iTunes. Juts got it working again after re JB ing. Thanks for reply!!!!!

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Help guys! I just upgraded my jailbreak to 5.1.1 on a iPhone 4. modem firmware 1.59.00 JB went OK but no i have NO SERVICE on O2 in the UK with original sim. I leave for work abroad in a few hours....what can i do to get my phone working?

Thanks in advance!

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Its so bloody annoying how he keeps spinning that camera....1) Potentially scratching the camera. 2) Potentially scratching the table. Its obvious he didn't have to pay for the camera...or the table....or build the table...GRRR!!!

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OK...It is the action of a re-spring after a hard reset that sorts out my graphical and touch issues. I'm going to stick with this small issue for now...hardly ever do a hard reset...and i have a solution for the problem now in respringicon.

Thanks to all !

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I've just found an app called respiring icon. I will test out my theories and get back.