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The Dems that say this- say it- because why:
He doesn't have any experience in government so why on Earth would the right choose a blackman other than the reason of him being black alone???

What about when we all wanted Christine O'Donnel from Delaware. Did we all support her so conservatives can say "We can vote for a woman, we're not prejudice against females!"

What's wrong with wanting someone that comes off honest and plain spoken. And lets not forget...... many of us wanted Colin Powell to run in 2000 but he backed down before the primaries started .

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Mr. don't have to report everything that goes on you know....

To even show "Current Toilet Flush" is to give them credit in their eyes.

Boycott that company or they will G R O W.....and cloud more minds and may even be your competition one day.

Just saying brother. The Left Outlets yearn for conservatives to report what they've recently pooped out of their mouths....

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WHO WON>>>>>In This Order for Tonight:

1. Cain
2. Paul
3. Santorum
4. Newt
5. Romney

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Get ready's gonna hit the fan reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal sooooooooooon. . . . .

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Ron Paul / Judge Napolitano TICKET..... that would be the game changer folks.

I don't support Paul, Im really a Christi guy but if you're against Paul so much then you're against the Founding Fathers almost just as much.

So before you bitch, do the homework....just saying.

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Notes? REALLY ? Who was delivering them FedEx or USPS? Wait.....WERE YOUUU Playing M A S H during the debates off to the side David? I think you should try playing SORRY, now that's noteworthy!

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VICTORY for Dear old Bob and the wise people from District 9 in NY!!!

We may have to wait till 2016 though people cause if Romney is gonna be the front runner.....then the Tea Party is going to have to put up a candidate to send a message to the establishment.... once again. I'm afraid it's fight that needs to happen with the conservatives.

It's little wins folks. If we can fill congress with honest people over the next 4 years, that will be just as good if not better than getting a President we all agree on. But 2016.........if we can hang on......a real candidate will take the stand! It'll be like 1776 all over again......

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Next Up:

ROVE and a cardboard cutout of Jessica from Roger Rabbit. Because he wants the people to stay in make believe land...!

T'Is a pity I tell ya. For in the end, Rove was a pompous pri ck.

Bye BYE...... as McGlaughlin would say

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Product of the People:

Correcto Last Tango in Paris! This event, this moment in Delaware has drove people to choose sides. Black and White...period. There is no more Repub nor Dem. You are either standing up for America or sitting down crossing your fingers with Toto in your lap hoping the spinning will stop when "principals" have become merely a past time for the elderly in nursing homes.... strictly for nostalgia purposes.

Rush, no matter how much you get paid, you truly are one of us brotha!

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Dennis the wordsmith, the quick wit, the 5 Marx Brother has only just begun....