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works fine 0.9.8!!!! on 2.2 and 2.2.1

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yeah this 2.2.1 is already out thats the reason i had asked for a soft unlock instructions for the previous baseband too since i wanted to preserve my older baseband :)

Thanks guys hope to hear soon for the new unlock for iPhone 3G :) you guys keep us updated as always!!!! thanks once again Dev Team!!!

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lol if it works with your sim then its fine coz here in kuwait a major lot of dubai sh!7 came in and then on further investigation found out to be stuck in with some weird smart sim within and when people updated normally to the 2.2 (even though yours does say its updated) the vendors over here got screwed over :D anyways

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yupp its 0 number zero not capital O

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try it from scratch--- that is erase all iphone contents after backing up, update with 2.2 from itunes and then pwn your iphone3g with quickpwn 2.2 and then insert your sim, install SBS / BP and then install yellowsn0w source and then install the yellowsn0w patch ie 0.9.6Beta and then reboot ur phone using SBS or bosspref and it should recognise ur carrier.

where are you located? make sure your simcards pincode is disabled if not disable the pincode using another phone or ask your service provider to disable your sim card pincode...

then all should be fine!

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mmm yeah i confirmed that more than a week ago!! cheers to dev team


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backing up your data

then goto settings and erase your iphone completely so its reset back to iphone normal new software like ...

then update with 2.2 from itunes

then use quickpwn2.2 (it worked for me i didnt get tht illegal sim thing) then yellowsn0w as you know it and u have done it

then when u connect to itunes disable yellowsn0w using bosspref yellowsn0w

if you still face the problem ill post details of patching stuff soon!

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1. update to 2.2
2. jailbreak using quickpwn2.2 or pwnage tool 2.2
3. open cydia & add source for yellowsn0w (0 number not alphabet)
4. add SB Settings to reboot your phone (switch off Edge) or use bosspref
5. search for yellowsn0w in cydia - install it
6. reboot
7. success all working fine

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yeah sure srikanth...

1. backup your iphone with itunes if u would like to
2. update your iphone to firmware 2.2
3. jailbreak it using quickpwn 2.2(im assuming you have a windows system so use quickpwn find it over google using iclarified as ur search key)
4. close itunes open quickpwn 2.2 and follow instructions (it will directly catch the 2.2 firmware stored in your PC and then ask you to proceed further.
5. once jail broken or pwned... install the yellowsn0w source - sn0w is with a number 0 on cydia clicking sources!
6. once that is done just push your 3rd party simcard in spice, bpl, bsnl, etc (all crappy lines) and then log into cydia and search for yellowsn0w u find it click install confirm and then once its complete reboot your phone

and there you are working with your unlock :)


all the best its beta version try it at your own risk :) one tip use reset network settings under settings general tab if you dont see network but wait for few seconds whole process takes hardly 20 minutes :) less infact i would say less that 10 minutes!

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