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The public can see that the road-authorities have been ignoring the danger caused by a broken concrete drain-cover exposing a large and deep drain near the Taman Segambut SPPK apartments that has not been repaired for a number of years.

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JAKIM has indeed been successful in developing the powerful gangster image of Islam in Malaysia.

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There is no need to be surprised. This game of "kafir-menkafir" among Muslims appears just as childish as an imam reciting his standard-prayers through a loudspeaker day-in and day-out while being overheard by non-participants.

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Before that finality happens, why not quickly encourage this Islamic preacher to go on road-shows in Malaysia to promote Malaysia's own brand of Islam to the world.

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But why this MA63 matter is still at the talking stage now after having gone through the time of protests. Are the people really that dumb ?

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Even if this attacker is mad, he was, by miracle, temporarily cured of his madness simply by shouting out the name of "Allahuakbar".

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For Jakim to get this kind of highest authority on the interpretation of the Koran, Jakim needs to receive the latest revelation from Allah regarding this issue with dogs.

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These Muslims are insulting their Allah in the eyes of non-Muslims.

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There is really nothing so righteous for Muslims to be self-boasting about themselves against followers of other beliefs when their Allah is extremely self-boasting about His own greatness and demands blind-faith from His believers.

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This deputy minister is saying today that Muslims here care more about the halal status of their food, compared to the status of their source of income But I knew about this since the day I was born.