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Energy: We should look at things like wave energy as an alternative source, not just limiting ourselves to wind, solar and natural gas. Healthcare: the plan should be very similar to the Department of Veterans Affairs national program. Economy: the bankers are squeezing small businesses. The lines of credit are severely limited. The bailout was to relieve this, but it has not come to pass.

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This is an outstanding idea Webmaster. Perhaps the military's recruiting bonus' could be "repurposed" instead to a lifetime healthcare plan for those who serve in our military. For a nation at war, current Department of Veterans Affairs ( and Military Health System ( have been grossly underfunded in budget appropriations. Even with these budgetary challenges the VA is still considered the best medical care in the United States. With General Shinseki announced to lead the Department of Veteran Affairs, with his history of strength and commitment to the military service members, we may finally realize the Veterans Affairs motto, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.” - President Abraham Lincoln

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The laws pertaining to police are much different in Europe. For instance in Germany if you resist arrest they have the right to beat you to death. Every weapon is registered. If we had the same rules...we could use the same techniques. Unfortunately we are comparing apples to oranges.

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Your points are right on target. I appreciate your thoughtfulness on this important issue!

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About one-third of the adult homeless population have served their country in the Armed Services. Current population estimates suggest that about 154,000 veterans (male and female) are homeless on any given night and perhaps twice as many experience homelessness at some point during the course of a year. Many other veterans are considered near homeless or at risk because of their poverty, lack of support from family and friends, and dismal living conditions in cheap hotels or in overcrowded or substandard housing.

We must give them something to reach for, something to live for.

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Peacemakers? Hooah to that!

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Buon Natale! Parlo piccolo italiano… e tedesco
I am American who lived in Germany and Italy

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Mother has five children in the military, three of them spending Christmas in Iraq
Stacy Wade adjusted several years ago to the military being part of her family. But perhaps the sacrifice has never hit home like it has this holiday season. Three of her children will spend Christmas deployed in Iraq, in their first tours there. READ MORE:

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Total dead since beginning of war [March 19, 2003]: 4216 as of DEC. 23, 2008

Total wounded: 30,871

320,000 Vets have Traumatic Brain Injuries

My holiday wish for all military personnel serving around the world....stay safe...until we can bring you home!!!!

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"Good People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men (and brave women) stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell

Flags of Our Fathers - Keni Thomas | Please watch this video...