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Drago mi je što sam mogao pomoći... ;)

I'm glad I could help.

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After commenting here I finally get response.... actually few...
SO, no hard feelings. :)

I will send You files when I will translate it.
Should be today or tomorrow.

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It would be nice to have option to make "Share on Facebook" checked as default if user are signed in with their Facebook account.

Some user which test my (Yours :) ) new comment system, test it over Facebook and it was strange to them that comments are not Shared on Facebook automatically.
Regular user just don't think about all options they have. They just want comment and suppose all other things are solved for them.

Their opinion is:
If I'm signed in over Facebook then I want to share it to Facebook.

Please consider that.

13 years ago @ IntenseDebate Blog - Localization Update · 2 replies · +1 points

I sent You few email, over contact form and to this email stated in post but
nobody is answering..

I want to translate this plugin to Croatian.

Please contact me and send me files so I can start translating.