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As the offical spokespersyn for the Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement, I nearly gagged on my tofu croissant reading some of the hate-filled postings that are applauding the actions of this vicious 67-year-old, whie pro-Santorum Neo-KKKon KKKapitalist " Homeowner " who should by all rights be charged with a hate crime for his violent and brutish actions. The PGRSVM has no doubt that this innocent persyn of color- Mr. Robinson, was undoubtably fleeing the barbarous and racially profilling PPB in order to avoid false imprisonment and torture in the local Multnomoah County Bush appaluded and supervised Abu Ghraib which passes for a humane jail. The PGRSVM will take all necessary steps in contacting the ACLU, Code Pink, the Albina Ministries, and if absolutely necessary, will exercise the nuclear option and notify both Reverends Jackson and Sharpton of this case of continual injustice that would make Malcolm the 10th turn over in his grave.

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The Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement realizes that the vast majority of the population in racist and homophobic Eastern Oregon and Washington probably as a whole- accept sand agrees with this hate-mongers choice of words. After all, they contunie to cover themselves with disgrace by voting RethugliKKKan which thank Goddess, Multnomah, Lane and King and Pearce counties have been to save both states from this ongoing embarassment by voting correctly. Nonetheless, the 1st Amendment does not apply to "hate" speech or thoughts judged so by Progressives and this Mayor should be arrested and tried before the World Court in Den Haag for this unspeakable action. Merely apologizinbg is not enough. Have we not learned that mea culpas such as uttered by the war criminal General this week in once Pre-Bush peaceful Afghanistan for destroying the Holy Koran has consequences? Or will it require another round Mother Earth trip by Co-Presidents Shelly and Barrack Hector Obama to once again apologize for another act of ruthless American imperialism?

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The Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement is ecstatic beyond all words that Eco-Freedom Warrior and great patriot Tre will be running for Mayor. Although the PGRSVM is sad that our ethically unblemished Mayor Sam Adams has decided to pack it in, we are relived that another enlightened Comrade( cruelly and unlawfully jailed under fictitious charges ordered by Bush/Cheney and Ray Gun ) is prepared to pick up the torch of progressiveness and continue to lead Portland in the same spirit that makes our city the envy of Mother Earth. Soy Milk toasts for his successful campaign will be raised in joy tonight during our mediation session. Gaia be praised!

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Art: Which one of the two choices do yiu really think it is??? v3

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The Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement was praying to Goddess that at least a week would transpire before having to read another ghoulish story about another person using an unconscionable firearm and injuring another. From the previous posts, it is nauseating to read how many Neo-KKKons actually cheer the illegal and criminal actions from this greedy homeowner. Until all firearms are banned alonside the outdated and racist 2nd Amendment- these atrocities against innocent humyns will continue to multiply. We demand that Co-Presidents Shelly and Barrack Harvey Obama issue Executive Orders eliminating the 2nd Amendment today! We also hope that this selfish homeowner is criminal charged for attempted murder and that the ACLU has already prepared the forthcoming lawsuit which justice demands. If it is found that the wounded man is a person of color- then hate crime indictments must also be included requiring the full assistance from both Reverends Jackson and Sharpton.

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Thanks to the economic assault brought on by the criminal trifecta of Bush/Cheney & Ray Gun, millions of both US students and undocumented Democrats now face the horror of having to actually pay for their own education and ancillary costs of living which is a blatant violation of the US Constitution, far superior U.N. Charter and the the Potsdam Declaration. All education is the duty of the state to freely provide. As long as the RethugliKKKan thirst for profit based on KKKapitalism and the lies associated with self-discipline and individual liberty trump collectivism, we as a progressive society will continue to falter until the pus of free enterprise is tossed on its well deserved resting place in the dust heap of history. We must raise taxes on the filthy rich in order to pay for the future of our progeny.

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This entire economic calamity is a result of decades of tyranny instituted by Bush/Cheney/Ray Gun and Telly Savalas who brought the country to its knees as a result of KKKapitalism and anti-union wars. Thank Goddess that we have Gov. Kitzhaber firmly ensconced in the State capital to right the ship and make hope for the future to our underpaid and disrespected slaves that are both government school teachers and other employees. However, the Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement has been pleading for years to eliminate all law enforcement, National Guards, prison and corrections employment which are racist and cruel not to mention totally unneeded. The billions in fiscal savings ( coupled with the immediate stoppage of PERS pensions for these undeserving brutes plus huge tax hikes on RethugliKKKans and all businesses), would open the budget spigots and permit our schools to operate in harmony and solace forever. We need this now. The poor and undocumented are dependent on change to survive.

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These beautiful and co-equal Sciuridaes have the same Goddess given rights to freedom as any other non-humyn. The fact that they are causing damage as eco freedom fighters against KKKapitaistic and criminal, anti Kyoto, anti-Gore fossil fueled motor vehicles is beyond all praise and we of the Prog/Green/Red/Statist Vegan Movement will be offering extra prayer chants to Gaia for their ongoing safety in their mission for continual green support of preserving Mother Earth which, as a result of the Bush/Cheney/Ray Gun/ Lawrence Welk social and environmental scorched wars of rapine and pillage, is barely surviving despite the magnificent accomplishments of Co-Presidents Shelly and Barrack Henry Obama.

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Once again we have an obvious case of ruthless racial profiling instigated by the merciless PPB against 5 completely innocent Chinese nationals. In their vain attempt to demonstrate social diversity, these heartless members of the Bush obeying D&V Division of the PPB somehow thinks that by arresting Chinese, instead of their daily targets of people of color, gays/lesbians/transgendered/polygendered/sub-gendered and all other marginalized people- we of the progressive strain will somehow be fooled. The Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement is never fooled by this chicanery tossed out by the police and stands committed in exposing this fraud for what it is- RACISM. Hopefully the Chinese consulate has already notified Hillary Clinton expressing their outrage and intends on demanding immediate salvation for their falsely imprisoned countrymen..

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As a Reed College alumni with a degree in Organic Farming and a Minor in Midget Studies, in addition to being the official spokespersyn for the Prog/Green/Red/Statist/Vegan Movement- I call on all progressives and enlightened people to use this case of injustice as one more reason for the Bush War on Drugs to be stopped forever! Despite the fact that the unlawful search and illegal arrests and jailing of Comrades Shoemaker and Abreu, which after their eventual release from the local Bush/Cheney/Ray Gun gulags that will soon be a reality after ACLU intervention- will result in a tort claim for defamation and humiliation by the brutish PPB and totally unnecessary Reed Security- the PGRSVM hopes that both of these students will be able to forget this trauma and continue towards their life goals of being professional activists, environmentalists, or perhaps even a future member of the Teachers Union.