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Didn't I make a joke about a new American civil war the other day? Somehow, it feels a bit less funny now.

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Is there any money in this? I'll invent a religion and knock out a few sacred books if there's money in it. A religion with lots of marketable holidays that involve inebriation and exchanging expensive presents. I'll not make the same mistakes as Kwanzaa.

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WARREN: So I think every parent wants to protect their children, and parents should know that all of the credible scientific evidence suggests that modern vaccines are safe, modern vaccines are effective, and modern vaccines are our best chance of protecting our children from diseases that can kill them. Is that right?
SCHUCHAT: That’s right.
WARREN: Thank you.

No, no, no, no, no! I'm sorry, but unless I hear it from the mouth of a white Christian male in a suit on Fox News, it just doesn't count!

And it better be a dark suit. And a tie that's not too fancy.

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It's happening just like I've always predicted: The next American civil war is going to be over men getting married and Beyoncé's gyrating booty corrupting our youth.

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Part of me wants to watch the video to verify that, yes, Tom Cotton is that stupid. Part of me doesn't want to watch the video out of fear that The Stoopid might be contagious. Part of me wants tacos.

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"... each family should make the personal choice that's best for them in terms of which which 19th century killer diseases their PTAs will be sponsoring this year."

When I said "conservatives are trying to drag us back to the 1800s" it never occurred to me that they loved the old killer epidemics as much as white male dominance, implied theocracy and being able to buy and sell pickaninnies. Stitch up your corsets and get those bustles on, ladies! The patriarchs are lookin' to catch some syphilis tonight!

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Stand your consecrated ground. Unless it was consecrated by Satan. Or, like, Thor (his name be praised).

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You mean I'm not free to hand out copies of Star Wars and practice my Jedi faith?!? Fucking police state! Thanks, Obama!

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Where's the web ad for "One weird trick that gives chatty egomaniacs permanent laryngitis"?

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I wonder if this is one of those judges with a collection of racist anti-Obama gags that he emails out to his fellow robe-wearers.