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Kings Ep 1 (14 clicks left):

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The elevator thing is actually doable if you can get a bit of a head start so you can reach the 2nd floor before the elevator. I may or may not have tried that when I was a teenager. ;)

So, if Nate had happened to be at the bottom of the stairs when Sterling entered the elevator one wouldn't even have to suspend disbelief. Of course, he was actually behind Sterling and even then chose to spend some time spinning around and proceed at a leisurely pace. :)

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And here are TSCC episodes 1x04-1x07:

Probably only 8 clicks left on episode 7 because of a lagging computer.

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TSCC 1x02 and 1x03 (9 clicks):

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I just need to quote the following introduction of the episode from the DVD commentary.

"Just a word, as we look back from July 2004 at Jeremiah Crichton. Every once in a while in a TV series, especially one that's just starting up from scratch, you're fumbling, you're looking around, and as the show starts to gel, a magical event happens. Every once in a while you reach an episode where everything comes together: the writing, the directing, the acting, all the production crafts. And you achieve a magic, magic, perfect episode. We're here today to talk about Jeremiah Crichton because it is absolutely not that episode."

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I've been also listening to commentaries for the first time while watching along with Mark. This episode has not one, but two commentaries which I found to be quite informative, especially the producer commentary. Unfortunately they were recorded after the show ended and contain spoilers for the entire run.

Just one little bit of information: PK Tech Girl and DNA Mad Scientist were both working and not actual titles but they kind of forgot to rename these episodes, so now we're stuck with these names for all eternity.

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They mention in the commentary that the use of NASA name and logo also meant script approval by NASA. As it would've been pretty much pointless after the first episode, they decided to use another name instead.

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James S.A. Corey's Expanse series which takes place in our very own Solar System comes to mind. And they're intending to make a TV series out of it.

I actually wonder how they are planning to do that as [Expanse spoilers] vg vf nyfb fpvragvsvpnyyl pbeerpg va gur frafr gung gur fpv-sv fgnyjneg harkcynvarq negvsvpvny tenivgl vf abjurer gb or sbhaq. Fvapr abar bs gur fprarf va gur svefg obbx npghnyyl gnxr cynpr ba Rnegu gur tenivgl vf hfhnyyl aba-rkvfgrag, zhpu yrff guna abezny be zhpu zber guna abezny (jura nppryrengvat be qrpryrengvat). Gurer ner n srj pnfrf bs abezny nccnerag tenivgl pnhfrq ol guehfg, gubhtu.

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I wouldn't say there are no spoilers in the commentary. They seem to mention that [possible S5 spoilers]:
1. gur Pbyg qbrfa'g xvyy Yhpvsre jura gurl hfr vg va rcvfbqr gra naq gurl unq gb svaq nabgure jnl gb trg evq bs uvz gung qvqa'g vaibyir sngnyvgl.
2. gur oebguref qevsg ncneg ntnva va gur frpbaq unys bs frnfba svir.

Now, as I'm watching along with Mark and this is the last episode I've seen so far, I have no idea whether these things actually will happen. But to me it seemed they weren't joking about it even though they were obviously having a lot of fun during the commentary.

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You know, I watched both "Bad Girls" and "It's a Terrible Life" on Tuesday but somehow I didn't register at all it's the same actor. Talk about facial recognition...