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Art, Saw you on NG......Did Brock just get sentenced this past Wed.? I saw a pic. of her in the Jacksonville News. She looked bad, I would not have regonized her. __I think also if she knew anything she would of already spilled the beans.____Another thing that bothers me is Misty sleeping with a gun under her head...That's crazy, basically at that age you' feel invinsible unless your lifestyle or the person you are with, lifestyle calls for protection.__ With this type of behaviour that child did not have a chance...So Sad!

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My Heart goes out to Ayden and his family.......My prayers are with them as well.

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Art. I hate to say this but I believe Misty......I think this happened , When Ron got home she told him what happened and the cover up began. Ron being the doper that he was went along in fear that his drug use and dealings would get out...
Imo Joe and Tommy molested this child and got rid of her....This is what happens with people like this. Look at them they are idiots...... all of them..The only sane one is grandma Hollars and Imo she is high on something when I've seen her on JVM recently...
Thanks for your reporting......