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Can't wait to see your tasting notes on:

Verboden Vrucht

Leffe Blonde

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Why do bass players have more money than drummers?

Because drummers are always out-of-pocket.

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Law should not be excluded from the design aesthetic: "remove the obvious and add the meaningful."

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My own journey from engineer to entrepreneur occurred as my focus changed from solutions to value. I now find myself in that wonderful place with my finger on the pulse of customer needs and investor outcomes. Since VCs are members of the investment community, they naturally default to an "investment outcome" viewpoint. However, when things really click, VCs and customers both interact with me around value.

In other words, when everything is working well, the entrepreneur and VC get caught-up in a virtuous cycle along with customers. Take away the VC, the entrepreneur, or the customer and the virtual cycle collapses.

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That is a fun website. While I can see Twitter as an on-ramp, how do I use Facebook to bring my friends to the site?

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I really liked "Save A Little". It had a real "Cheese String Incident" vibe.

I'm heading down to NAMM in Anaheim this week. If you're there I'd like to meet you in person. Make sure you check out the demo at Spectrasonics of Stylus RMX drums.

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Amazing how hard simple can be. This is very approachable for non-social media natives. I wonder where Peter Kollock's social motives (reciprocity, reputation, efficacy, belonging: in your framework. Thanks for instigating the conversation.

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BFD drums sound great. We have used them on Muse Research Receptors tied into Roland Vs. If you gig and plug-ins don't scare you [ lol ], check out the Receptor:

PS: I'm a studio and live sound geek, not a drummer. I've mic'd, mixed, and recorded enough kits and players to know what they should sound like. Wouldn't it be cool if robo-drums could make everyone sound like Dennis Chambers and Omark Hakim?

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You have got to hear how good the Spectrasonics Stylus RMX drums sound.

The "chaos" and "groove" capabilities sound scary human.

Nice to see you blogging solo, loved the stuff you did with Brad.