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Well, it looks like some people killed themselves, at least tried to kill their children, and some other things. Could be a charge there of incitement to violence at least.
Probably a free speech defense. Morally, no question, the guy is guilty of killing people.

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Reckon I'll keep on sinning, and repent at oh about a quarter to six.

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Nothing will ever replace religion because religion will never go away.
People need ritual in their lives, and will always come up with ways to fill that need.

It may be that most religions will become atheistic. There is no shortage now of ones that already are, on either the individual or the collective level. Some prefer to call these philosophies rather than religion, but that's just lexicography. Religion in its broad sense will always be with us.

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Well, he just makes it sound like that's a bad thing. More govt serving the people --> less reliance on magic. His problem, like all these authoritarian personalities, is that they can't conceive of an institution that governs itself, where everyone is equal. That requires the courage to think for themselves instead of going by a book.

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"god", usually, or religion.

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Not sure if it falls under your list or Andrew's, but the one thing that invariably makes me feel atheists are wankers is when they refuse to define the terms they use.

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People that think mockery is not effective must have never been in high school.

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How do we get Mr. Obama to promise ‘whatever assistance is necessary’ to pursue a ‘credible transition to a democracy’ in the United States?

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I don't believe Ings exist.

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"they answer the question of god(s) with something other than an unqualified "yes."

Best description I've heard yet of atheists.
In my experience, when most people they say "god" there is definitely a sense they mean the Abramic god; Also that they have not thought things through and have no idea that the world's various cultures have and do hold wildly different ideas of what constitutes a "god".