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Actually, there is a scene early in the film where Ethan Hawk's parents choose his little brother from a bunch of embryos. It's made clear that the rest will be aborted.

That said, Gattaca is a great movie, and way more worth your time than Rand Paul's latest vomitings.

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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting self-described liberals to back a healthcare plan from the Heritage foundation.

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What is it about the Internet that makes relatively savvy people who frequent a snark-drenched satire website read a snark-drenched satire article and take it at face value?

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Tiger Beat on the Potomac.

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It is a measure of how popular socialized medicine is in the UK that the major parties of the government argue over how best to reform the National Health Service. No one seems to consider ending it altogether and switching over to a more United States-like system.

I don't know about that. The Tories' idea of "reform" seems pretty similar to the Republicans' idea of Social Security and Medicare "reform", by destroying privatizing it.

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Sorry, watching Florida destroy Kentucky in basketball (and ouch! Watching that Kentucky guy destroy his knee).

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So he's a Democrat the way my aunt is: To pretend that you're an Independent Thinker when you're spouting Fox News "facts" and vomiting FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: MOOCHELLE FARTBONGO STEALING KIDS LUNCHES! FWD: all over everyone's Facebook walls.

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CSPAN's closed captions are awful.

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Rich Abdill likes honey and mauling people's faces.

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I bit the bullet and went to the Daily Caller to see the article. It's every bit as grotesque and offensive as it sound.

However, when I saw he went to Ball Memorial Hospital, I couldn't help myself.