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on warren, prop 8 and civil unions vs gay marriage, seems like they tried separate but equal a few generations ago, and it didnt work then, wonder why we should expect it to work now. obama, wake up, you messed up, be a man and fix it!

as to pot, sure legalize it, but pot use is optional, a gay person, in spite of the common phrasing isnt a lifestyle. i was born straight and aint choosing to be gay, and i am pretty sure gay people dont choose to be gay either.

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i know, got family that are docs, some of them are great, some not so much:) just like plumbers and lawyers and car salesmen....

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good luck, damn doctors, sorry docjess, but some of your fellow professionals......

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" until those ballots are found or judged impossible to locate, the recount won't be over, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said Friday."

good thing this isnt a house race, they might still be loooking for those ballots in 2010....

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actually, in order for it to show up in three yr olds it must have a window of showing up that starts at three yrs or less, and could run to 15-20 yrs or even longer, look at so many diseases that dont always follow the same pattern of exhibiting symptoms, not saying it is that kind of diease/disorder, only that three yr old having symtoms does not mean it is limited to a three yr max window....

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okay, what do the best and brightest minds here think?

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I so hope this prayer breakfast isnt underwritten by the creepy "Family"

otherwise, it sounds like a beautiful gesture, though i cant go, even somebody paid my way and gave me a place to stay, but i wll be there in spirit!

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in fairness to the Green voters, they tend to be highly moralistic and would have stayed home rather than vote for WJ, they also tend to be white middle class and might hold a little latent racism, but i am really reaching on the last point, but pretty sure i am right in the assumption that you cannot say they would be solid dems if there wasnt a green party. i do hope we manage to co opt the green party and sooner rather than later, not only to neutralize the fall off of the leftist side of the party, but because they are RIGHT!

I will never vote green unless the dems do become, as some of my silly green friends say, the same as the GOP, which it is not, and will not become for the foreseeable future.

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in fact, getting caught with 90 grand in your freezer didnt seem to outrage the good folks in LA the way it might in most states. I tend to agree that we got lucky on WJ the way the GOP did with Stevens, but we shall see if he goes quietly into the good night or rages a bit first:)

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i am a big believer in using your resources where they will do the most good, but conversely, i think the 50 state strategy paid huge dividends this election, so if we can do it without compromising some of the other states we turned blue this year, and after we make sure the near blues get leaned on hard, such as ND and MT, MO and a couple of others that McCain barely won, then sure lets give it a shot in LA, but fighting to try to take OK, AL or LA and letting our eyes drop off the ball in VA, FLA and OH would be a mistake!