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I like chopping em up into little cubes and adding them to stir fries. I guess one would traditionally use Japanese eggplants, but personally I think American eggplants work just as well.

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Oh my god I love this! You're 100% right about the way that when male characters are trusting it helps gives space for female characters to be fully part of the plot, instead of relegated to the role of nagging sexy lady or whatever. Golden retrievers 4ever.

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Nagano!!! My dad still complains about the time Meeuwenburg slapped Nagano on the back and messed up his mojo.

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It's terrible to say, because I love Ursula Le Guin, but The Dispossessed kind of bored me and I gave up reading it after that awkward party scene. I feel no desire to pick it back up.

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Oh my god, this made me start laugh-shaking at my desk.

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Oh man, your husband's response to that question is seriously heartbreaking.

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"The best news of all here, Brave Correspondent, is that you — your very own precious self — are the guy in question. You, too, can fly."

<3 <3 I love this.

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This is one of the best things I've seen today.

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Congratulations! Also you have the winningest smile ever!

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Or better yet, "Your mother likes it better this way."

Although that doesn't solve the problem of people deciding they need to have and share opinions about your physical appearance which is annoying af.