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Need closure, do you?

Technically, I'm on "indefinite hiatus," but realistically I'm probably done. I suppose I should put up a final post just so people don't keep fruitlessly checking back.

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You seem to have plenty of time on your hands....

Not at all, but thanks for the link anyway.

I skimmed a few of the statements and transcripts during lunch, and I'm still not seeing any evidence supporting the use of antibiotics for CLD. There could be something buried in Steven Phillips' statement, but I don't have the time to dig through all of that massive document at the moment. Perhaps this evening.

I'm assuming you presented this as an attempt to get me to see some evidence I was previously unaware of from the CLD activists, but so far I'm not seeing much. Phillips may or may not be an exception, but he at least seems to be trying. Most of the others I've looked over (Tina Garcia, Lorraine Johnson, Ken Liegner...) were really weak. Any other recommendations?

PS why the scare-quotes on "evidence"?

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For what it's worth, I've spoken to Mr. McNutt a few times and he'd probably be the first to admit that he didn't come across well during the candidates' forum. He made the mistake of trying to speak extemporaneously, and it didn't go so well.

If you check out his website, you may end up with a different (and I'd argue, more accurate) impression of him.

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Interesting point.

Any idea why it is that the students are so misinformed about the community around them? Is it coming from the local media, or older students passing it on to younger ones, or what?

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I saw that!

Naked Scott Brown! (Probably safe for work though, due to an artfully-placed hand...)

Also, "intolerant huffing and puffing"! Ha!

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Not sure where my first reply disappeared off too, so let's try that again...

If you have evidence to back up your claims, then by all means provide it. Conspiracy theories about cherry-picking evidence aren't useful, and claiming that people are ignoring evidence means nothing if you don't provide that evidence.

Nor do assertions that people are now "healed" of CLD due to antibiotics. Anecdotes are not data. Cite the research.

This isn't an issue of what progressives want. It's about science and public health.

If you want to promote a bill that could do harm to public health (via increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics, among other things), you'd better provide some evidence that there's a public health benefit that outweighs that danger. If you had that evidence, I'd be all in favor of the bill. Since you don't, I'm not. It's quite simple, really.

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Dear UNIBULL/Lymepain,

Pick a name and stick with it. I have little patience for name-shifting trolls who comment on months-old posts.


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Some day there will be a test that proves that the spirochete is either there or not with an ON or OFF accuracy....but until then, how about the thousands of patients who were mis-diagnosed, finally treated with long-term antibiotics (often out-of-state and out-of-pocket) and are now BETTER?

If you have a study showing this, by all means please cite it.

There's nothing political about the core question. It's a scientific one. If you have evidence, go ahead and provide it. The burden of proof is on the CLD activists.

Testimonials and personal anecdotes are not data.

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I don't know what the most popular form of transportation for buying pot is, but I'd have to guess that cars are usually involved, except maybe in very urban areas. But if this passes and we start seeing a ton of people on horseback in the seedier neighborhoods, at least we'll know why.

Yeah, the whole thing is ridiculous.

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I think you share my affliction.

At this point I could be reading an article about genocide and I'd still mouseover the images of the killing fields looking for a hidden joke.

It is very rare to find hidden jokes in articles about genocide, but if I can just find one it'll totally have been worth the effort.