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Just announced, they'll be compulsory in shops from 24 July.

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Thing is, the public has no common sense. Look at the packed beaches or whatever. The countries that wore masks from the outset have far lower death rates than the countries that don't, and surely the important thing is to make people feel safe and limit the risk of transmission of this awful virus when entering shops or whatever.

Just look at seatbelts. At one time, they weren't mandated. Now its enforced and seems weird to ride in the car without one.

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Hey brexiters, you won, get over it. It is now time to deliver what you promised and prove us Remoaners wrong.

I expect nothing less than a magical seamless Irish / NI border powered by new technology (and definitely not the sea border the EU proposed, because "no prime minister could agree to that.); remaining part of the single market ("absolutely nobody is threatening our place in it" because "There is a European free trade zone from Iceland to the Russian border and we will be part of it."), the easiest deal in history, German car manufacturers falling at our feet, and a deal that's "no downsides, just a considerable upside."

Oh and given that the vote was completely above board, you can start by releasing the Russia Report. Good luck!

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Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) has offered to bring it here, without cost to taxpayer.

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I don't think Cummings is a leave / remain or left / right issue. A poll in today's Daily Mail showed their readers didn't believe the nonsense "Went on a Barnard Castle joyride to test my eyes" story either.

When the Scottish Medical Officer and the Professor were found in breach of the rules they helped design, they quit immediately out of fear of diluting the message. I'd imagine the outrage would be similar if they instead kept their position and tried to spin it as "Acting on instinct because we care for our children!"

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Doesn't make sense at all

Drove for 260 miles with kid in back of the car despite being symptomatic. During this journey, we're apparently led to believe they didn't stop off anywhere once...
Then because he was worried he'd go blind, he drove another 60 miles to visit a castle, in the middle of a pandemic, with his kid again in the car.

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Thing is, there is form for this.
Scientist Neil Ferguson had to resign for breaking the rules. So did Scotland's Chief Medical Officer.

The public were asked to make great sacrifices for the common good and many of us have suffered without seeing our friends and family for 9 weeks now. The very least we can expect is for the people in charge of setting these rules to follow them.

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Sums up our approach to this. Do what other countries did but ineptly and far later.
Also see Lockdown, Contact Tracing, Testing....

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In light of this, the new Track and Trace app which hosts all information on a centralised server and has heavily been criticised by privacy groups, makes even less sense.

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Yep, the right decisions seem to be what most other countries were doing three weeks ago.