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my old routine seemed to go with my skin...
but my mate..is such a bitch right now and im returning the favor.
im not talking to her.

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Tis better to know.
When you know something, you can deal with it.
But when you don't know something you can only deal with the suspence of finding out.
Ignorance..not so bliss.

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It seems like I feel more judged when I'm not myself, I'm going to be myself today....for the first time in a long time I'm just going to be nice...and I'm not going to jugde. I believe that I have been judged because I have judged everyone else. o.0

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My parents never made an effort to control, my older sister taught them that that is impossible.

Some parents (like yours maybe) can't seem to realize that they are her to guide, not to force.
Force from parents usually leads to rebellion.
Nice topic though, even though I don't agree with animal rights (not completely...I like eggs) this post remains open minded

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Well, let me be very open, I'm not exactly a bulimic, but lets just say I haven't digested my dinners in four years, at first it was to get skinny, but now it maintains my weight but anyways.

As far as magazines and models go, I do not believe there a mixed messages at all. Models are not always stick thin, but usually the runway models are, however no where in a magazine does it say "YOU MUST BE THIS THIN", the magazines are not trying to influence and brainwash these girls, they simply sell us what is interesting to us. Most girls aspire to be thin, because most girls are thin. I for sure agree with 92tala about how they are trying to send the message of health and taking care of yourself.
thumbs up. :D

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I will look for your post :)
and you will be hearing more about this guy, if I can spit it out you know?

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You might not be able to help, but since you are going through the same thing, maybe we can help each other?
Thank you, forgottenhope. (it really is something all of us forget!)

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Mark, I believe you just inspired my next post!
And I know, I just made an assumption that I seemed hopeless, I'm sorry if my replies seem a little harsh, I'm not offended I promise!
And believe if you could help, I would let you.
But I will explain to you and others an idea that might better explain the term help and when someone asks for it, and when someone denies it.
And the journey is going fairly well...but I can't wear a bikini :(
on the bright side I can get fat!!!

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Well I suppose it seems that I'm helpless, or close minded even, but I would like to make it clear that I have been doing this for a very long time and I've seen cutter from the perspectives of someone who cut, and someone who "used to" cut. I went a year only doing it twice. And I may not like to live this way forever, but I enjoy it. I'm happiest when the music and the beast takes over, because that's just who I am. My biggest fear is how much I hurt the people who love me. Usually I regret it the next day, and I'm an entirely different person. The reason I even started this blog was to watch myself morph from a sick person, to a normal person, to myself and into a happy person and then back. I just want to watch myself change, writing or posting every few nights and closely recording these "episodes" in hopes of really coming to a conclusion as to why I continue this life style.