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We used those from when our daughter was about 2 months old until she was about a year. For 0-3 months I strongly recommend getting the kind that swaddles. They were the only way we could get her to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time (and I know lots of other parents with similar stories).

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I have similar fit issues. How do you feel about skirts? I find them much easier to fit than pants. I've more or less eliminated pants/trousers from my wardrobe, including jeans. I wear leggings or yoga pants for casual wear and skirts or dresses if I'm dressing up. Try sticking to tops and dresses with stretch... Like other people have said, you can get things shortened, if budget doesn't permit you can try learning to do it yourself. You don't need a sewing machine, it's really not hard (although tedious) with a needle and thread.

Is UK 14/16 in between straight and plus sizes the way it is in Canada and the US? If so you might have more luck with plus size clothing. Personally I've found clothes shopping easier since I moved from the upper range of straight sizes to the lower range of plus sizes.

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We just didn't send our daughter to preschool. I honestly feel like everything she would be getting at preschool, she's already getting at daycare - learning to socialize with other kids being the big one, but she also learned her letters, numbers, etc. there. I know other dual income families who've made the same choice.

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I never know what to call my daughter's child care provider for this reason. She runs to a dayhome (which is what we call it here when somebody is running a small daycare centre out of their own home). I don't call her a nanny, because here a nanny is someone who comes to your house and watches just your kids. But I don't like to call her a babysitter, for the reasons you outline above. I wish the term childminder was in use here!

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My brother and sister taught me euchre starting with: "It's kind of like bridge, but nobody ends up crying".

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I'm surprised about the Princess and the Frog. It actually had more than the usual 1 or 2 female characters (Tiana, her mom, her best friend and Mama Odie), how did they manage only 25% of the dialogue? But I guess it has the sidekick character problem you mention - the sidekicks are all male.

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She gets the guy by saving his life! He shows no real romantic interest in Ariel until he realises that she's the one who saved him.

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It depends on which med. I'm on Prozac which has a really long half life, so I can miss several doses before it starts to affect me. Google says seraltine has a 26 hour half life, meaning that you'll likely start to feel it if you don't take it every day. I hope you'll start feeling better soon.

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I made these and they turned out amazing! Thanks!

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You know... my daughter is only 4, but I don't miss the 0-6 month stage at all. Not even a little, not even for a minute. Once in a while I'll see a small baby and say "awww", and then they'll make that little squawk that indicates they're going to cry soon, and I'll think: "Oh thank God I'm past that". Which is to say - I really, really hated "treasure every moment". Not every person finds much to treasure in having a newborn and that's ok! Kids go through lots of developmental stages and some are amazing and make you feel blessed to be able to witness them, and others are more grit your teeth and get through it.

Thank you for sharing this.