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Darth Vader missed out as well . . . This reminds me of the time I had trouble placing a fax at work (I KNOW) because some Redditors had got ahold of the number and were spamming the shit out of it.

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I've never felt so . . . "lucky" that my city council representative is some Poli Sci who decided to run for office at 21 in order to have the most resume-buildingest year off possible before law school.

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As far as turnout goes, in my district nearly 200 people had voted before me (around 1 pm), which considering that (1) I live in a district full of college students and other disaffected youth who just don't fucking vote and (2) lots of people are gone for the summer is not that terrible. Friends of mine who live in districts with average ages above 30 are reporting huge numbers, lines around the block, etc. though!

I plan to go hang out at the protests later and try and get in front of a national news camera; I went to the bank this morning and Fox and CNN all had official buses!

As far as "enthusiasm gap" goes, fuck you Mr. President.

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Bravo on these guys for their great "message management"! Way to "get out in front of the story" there before this dweebus could post a video! Also, are there any pictures anywhere of this fucktard? NYT linked to his fake Facebook but they didn't screengrab it.

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Hmm, does anyone say what he's drinking? It looks like it might be something from New Glarus, in which case this may literally be the first acceptable action of Rick Santorum's life to this beer-loving Wisconsinite.

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Also tons of people are complaining about how long the video is when literally two seconds in is the "offending" material. So OBVIOUSLY it's not that bad. I hate social media sometimes.

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GUYS. I figured it out! He said "governmentnik," because he looked at the word "peacenik" and thought that "-nik" meant "a person who is a communist and also for something." Then some people thought he was somehow starting to say "government n*gger" and then caught himself, because he realized that maybe explicit racism is cool beans in the south but not for winning in Janesville. But really HOW would that even make any sense? When I heard "accidentally almost said" I thought people meant "in a candid moment that happened to be caught on camera."

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Look, there is no way in hell those girls were born before 1990; if they can vote this year, it's definitely the first time. Also I'm pretty sure they know LITERALLY no facts about Ronald Reagan; they just believe that, since Reaganesque is apparently a compliment (!??!?) these days that Reagan was exactly like whoever is their favorite politician right now.

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Well technically it's Latin for "of the holy [ones]" or "of the saints."