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I stood in the Q/A queue just behind the "ranter". And yes they did pre-screen all the questions. I didn't hear what his original question was but it wasn't longer than a sentence or two.

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Nega-ponies, like the Zelda kind

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I will admit it's a massive grey area when it comes to the law. And I don't really know where the line goes. But I'm pretty sure claiming these example/your videos for its "audio content" is overstepping it.

And remember it's all an automated process from Google point of view. They check almost none of the claim being made, they just assume their legit.

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To be fair it's still not legal for Hasbro to monetise other people videos, when they don't own the content of the video.

It's basically corporate piracy. On a rather large scale.

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That is some pretty rad drawings. And I would presume he's not the only famous artist drawing fanart under a secret alias.

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Let's derp Derpy day to derp.

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Well, it's like the 3rd time so I'm not worried.

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That has to be some of the finest character theme music I've heard in a long time.

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Not using celsius, the utopia is ruined.