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I said this about 3 months ago on here and it's come to fruition. Adams has outlived his usefulness for the "Brits" in all this and hes one informer they no longer wish to protect IMHO. Sinn Fein for quite sometime have been pushing Mary Lou McDonald for his role and will be happy to see him go also. They will be rid of a liability and can play the victim card too to win some votes.

I hope he gets violently rogered everyday until he dies.

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To be fair I don't think anyone thinks you are really polish anyway, just a troll who reads wiki too much!! Either way chill out

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I guess the reason the amount of racist attacks dwarfs those of a homophobic nature is because if the UVF started attacking gays they'd likely kick off a feud within themselves judging by many of their members sexuality.

I wonder what their thoughts are on gay foreigners? Fair game only if not cute?

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Belfast is surprisingly tolerant of gays actually.... Compare this to Poland where not so long ago the government was ready to ban tellytubbies as they thought tinky winky and dipsey were romantically involved http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-458401/Po...

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Thanks Turquoise :-)

Our experiences have thankfully been limited to verbal abuse from spides in the centre of town etc. What is more worrying here is the general tolerance of racist terminology and banter. When my father showed pictures around the office of my kids some of ther terms people used (allbeit in a jokey, banter way) was shocking to me having lived in London for years.

Alot of what you are seeing at the minute is a battle between the paramilitaries and government over who controls housing lists. Quite amazingly most housing assocications in working class loyalist areas are controlled by the local commander rather than some civil servant. The same scumbag doesnt want the area being infiltrated with immigrants, We basically need a clampdown on these crime gangs that have long moved past any political aim.

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Good point and Poland in the War. The same scum like to march up to city hall on rememberance like real solidiers. Clueless bigots.

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There is an obvious campaign of intimidation against immigrants coming from loyalist paramilitaries there is no doubt. For an organisation with 50% working as an informer there are people in our security services letting this happen to protect them which is shameful.

But please dont confuse that with Unionists being in any way more likely to hold racist beliefs. With 2 non white kids and a non white wife Im more qualified than most on her when i say predjudice is right across the board in NI.

Many on here sadly use these attacks to justify their own predjudices! Ironic.

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always one that takes the bait, could have bet it would be you :D


"strive once again for Belfast to be the Republic's second city"

Belfast was never part of any Republic, furthermore at the turn of the century Belfast was an infinitley richer city than Dublin thanks to the Shipbuilding and Linen trade and also had a larger population.

Anyway should people like yourself not be grasping with both hands the only way they`d see Ireland united in their lifetime? Maybe some more "Republicans" would get to go to Royal banquets if they did!? xD

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Whos "they" you bigoted pondlife?

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The first step on the road to a United Ireland, within the United Kingdom could start with this, excellent idea.

Perhaps people in the Republic are catching on partition was a failed experiment and strive once again for Dublin to be the UKs second city.,

We can but dream :)