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I just called my representative from New Hampshire Carol Shea-Porter D-NH and was read a prepared statement, saying she supported this Cap and Trade Bill. I told them to let her know, that she should enjoy the rest of her term, because I will work hard to make sure she is NOT reelected! I then told them that I was an Independent who always voted Democrat, but the biggest mistake I made was voting for her, since she refuses to listen to the people she WORKS for.

Our Representatives are being very blatant about ignoring what we want! I thought things were out of control when Bush was in office, but this is sooooo much worse. We need to cripple D.C. when Congress is in session, we need to organize a nationwide march on D.C., strangle the city to a close. We can't wait for new elections, because there are too many idiots who continually vote in the same people, (example, MASSACHUSETTS who keeps putting in a thief - FRANKS and a murderer- KENNEDY).

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As members of our mighty military, you are sworn to protect our Constitution, and America, yet these crimes are being commited. Is there not a Teddy Roosevelt, Patton, Truman or Eisenhower among you, who will protect us, the American people, from socialism, facism and communism??
Please help America and help the American people. I am, and always will be.......
A Proud American Patriot.

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You took an oath upon entering the service, swearing allegiance and protection to the U.S. Constitution. On January 23, 2009, President Obama issued a DOD Directive 1404.10 ordering the military to begin training a subset of DOD civilians the same way that the military is trained. This is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, which grants only the Congress the power to form armies or militias. Although President Obama is the Commander in Chief, he does not have the authority to order the formation and training of his own "civilian security force". Having done this makes Mr. Obama and his administration DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the U.S. Constitution. Then he continued his crimes against the Constitution, by taking control of our financial establishments, auto industry, and the hiring and firing of CEOs, now he has taken control of private sector wages, and will take control of the insurance industry. These are just a few ways that our President, his administration and members of Congress have made themselves domestic enemies.

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Sorry but I have to break this letter up because the won't let me post it. I can only post 348 characters!

Dear Joint Chiefs of Staff,
As a peacetime veteran, with one child who is also serving her country, I am scared and don't know who else to turn to.

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How do you get to write so much, the site won't let me post my message, keeps telling me it's too long and it's quite a bit shorter than yours lol. Please help.

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I don't care if they were cleared by any administration, these dirt poor farmers your talking about have been raised for the mujahadeen, they have been raised to hate America and everything about it including the innocent citizens most of them refer to as the "infedels". These dirt poor farmers you want to let into our country and give welfare to, were raised to kill anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs that they have. NO THANK YOU! The only thing to do with these detainees is to send them back to their own countries......maybe for their own safety....as well as ours.

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This is a great idea. So is the idea to march into Washington D.C. on July 4th carrying LOTS of teabags, everyone driving down, carrying signs that we are "MAD AS HELL, AND WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK"

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I think we should all do what the video "We The People Stimulus Package" says, march on Washington D.C. closing down the city with our cars and trucks and carrying tea bags (lots of teabags) and signs. One large tea party in D.C.